New Updated Microsoft MTA 98-372 Real Exam Questions and Answers Download 81-90


Question 81

You need to force an immediate garbage collection of all unused memory. Which method should you use?


  1. WaitForFullGCComplete

  2. SuppressFinalize

  3. CollectionCount

  4. Collect

Correct Answer: D



Question 82

Where is dynamic memory allocated?


  1. Text segment

  2. Code segment

  3. Stack

  4. Heap


Correct Answer: D



Question 83

You need to configure security policy for the following policy levels:


  • Machine

  • User

  • Enterprise


Which .NET tool should you use?


  1. Policy Migration

  2. Code Access Security Policy

  3. Microsoft Intermediate Language Assembler

  4. Permissions View


Correct Answer: B



Question 84

In the Common Language Runtime (CLR), what information is used to make decisions on security policy?


  1. Code group

  2. Evidence

  3. Cryptography

  4. Permissions


Correct Answer: B



Question 85

Which named permission set allows common Language Runtime (CLR) to run code but disallows the use of protected resources from the computer?


  1. FullTrust

  2. Execution

  3. Everything

  4. Nothing


Correct Answer: B



Question 86

Which two goals can you achieve by using cryptography? (Choose two.)


  1. Prevent data from being modified.

  2. Find out which users can access data.

  3. Ensure that data originates from a particular party.

  4. Ensure that data arrives at its destination.


Correct Answer: AD



Question 87

Which part of the .NET Framework verifies that code is type-safe?


  1. Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) compiler

  2. Common Type System (CTS)

  3. Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler

  4. Base Class Library (BCL)


Correct Answer: C



Question 88

Which two tasks does the interoperability of the .NET language allow you to perform? (Choose two.)


  1. Use classes written in C# from Microsoft Visual Basic .NET code.

  2. Write a method by using identical syntax of both C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET.

  3. Create methods written in both C# and Microsoft Visual Basic .NET in the same class.

  4. Use classes written in Microsoft Visual Basic .NET from C# code.

  5. Convert C# code to Microsoft Visual Basic .NET or convert Visual Basic .NET code to C#.

Correct Answer: AD



Question 89

Type-safe programming languages require that:


  1. Data conversions that might be unsafe are done explicitly.

  2. All data conversions are done implicitly.

  3. Data conversions that might be unsafe are done implicitly.

  4. All data conversions are done explicitly.


Correct Answer: B



Question 90

Which feature is available in both Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and C#f?


  1. Static classes

  2. Use of code that is not case-sensitive

  3. Use of code that is not type-safe

  4. Named and optional arguments in methods


Correct Answer: D


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