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Which of the following statements best describe the features of a fixed-size VHD? Each correct

answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.


  1. It offers better performance by eliminating the fragmentation associated with the growing


  1. It has a set amount of hard disk space and that amount does not change.

  2. It uses the space that is being used currently by the VHD.

  3. It provides a way to set up the VHD if hard drive space is limited on the server.


Correct Answer: AB




You work as a Server Administrator for company Inc. The company has a Windows-based network

environment. You need to make a balance between accessibility, security, and cost while planning

for backup. Which of the following management methods will allow you to switch to the backup

site while repairing the primary site?


  1. Near-line

  2. Backup site

  3. Off-line

  4. On-line


Correct Answer: B




You have installed and configured the Application Server role on a server running Windows

Server 2008 R2. For which of the following options can you add support on this server? Each

correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. Web Server

  2. COM+ Network Access

  3. Windows Process Activation Service

  4. DFS Management

  5. File Server Resource Manager

  6. TCP Port Sharing


Correct Answer: ABCF





Mark works as a Network Administrator for NetTech Inc. The company has a Windows Server

2008 domain-based network. The network contains 3 Windows Server 2008 R2 and 100 Windows

7 client computers. Mark wants to add a device driver to the booted Windows PE image. Which

of the following tools will he use to accomplish the task?


    1. Drvload

    2. PEimg

    3. LDIFDE

    4. VSMT


Correct Answer: A




You work as a Network Administrator for Bluewell Inc. The company has decided to install a

version of Windows Server 2008 Server Core onto a new 64-bit machine. Your manager has asked

you for a list of the server roles that can be installed on a Server Core installation. Choose the

server roles from the column below that can be installed on the Server Core installation.




Correct Answer:








Which of the following RAID levels provides best performance because data read and data write

operations are not limited to a single disk, but to a set of disks?


    1. RAID-1

    2. RAID-10

    3. RAID-0

    4. RAID-3


Correct Answer: C




You work as a Server Administrator for company Inc. The company has a Windows 2008 based

network environment. There is a domain controller with Windows Server 2008 R2 installed on it.

You want to install the Hyper-V role for production server consolidation and business continuity

management. Which of the following are the prerequisites for installing the Hyper-V role?

Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. x32-based processor

  2. GUI accelerator

  3. Hardware-assisted virtualization

  4. Hardware-enforced Data Execution Prevention

  5. x64-based processor


Correct Answer: CDE




You want to compare the performance reports that you have created during the initial

deployment of servers. Which of the following applications will you need to launch in order to

create a comparison report?


  1. Task manager

  2. Performance Monitor

  3. Resource Monitor

  4. Server Manager


Correct Answer: B






Fill in the blank with the appropriate Windows tool.


_____________ is a Windows module used to administer and modify group policies.


Correct Answer: gpedit.msc




Which of the following is a blank optical disk where you can save only once, even while the whole

space available is not used?


  1. CD-MO

  2. CD-ROM

  3. CD-R

  4. CD-RW


Correct Answer: C


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