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Two tables, namely, OrderItem and Item are depicted below in which all attributes mentioned therein respectively, refer to column heading labels.




If the ItemName attribute is moved from the Item table to the OrderItem table, then will it violate any normalization form? If yes, then which of the following normalization forms will be violated?


  1. It will not violate any normal form (NF).

  2. 1NF

  3. 3NF

  4. 2NF


Correct Answer: D




You are the database administrator for a MySQL database. The database server is installed on a Unix system. The time zone files for the system are located at /usr/share/zoneinfo. You need to ensure that the system and MySQL time zones are based on the same information. Which of the following statements will you use to accomplish the task?


  1. shell> /ust/share/zoneinfo mysql_tzinfo_to_sql | mysql -u root mysql

  2. shell> /ust/share/zoneinfo mysql_tz_to_sql | mysql -u root mysql

  3. shell> mysql_tz_to_sql /ust/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root mysql

  4. shell> mysql_tzinfo_to_sql /ust/share/zoneinfo | mysql -u root mysql


Correct Answer: D




You work as a Database Designer for Hitech Inc. You are designing a database named Project. The company takes projects from outside and divides them into tasks (design, coding, etc.). Each task is assigned to only one employee. You want to use a primary key constraint to uniquely define each row in a table named Task. The tables are given below:




Which of the following attributes can be a primary key in the Task table?


  1. TaskID

  2. ProjectID

  3. EmployeeID

  4. SocialSecurityNumber (SSN)


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is the process of creating a design for the database that will support the enterprise’s operations and objectives for the required database system?


  1. Identifying relationships between objects

  2. Application design

  3. Database planning

  4. Database design


Correct Answer: D




You manage a database named Exams accessed via a website. The website is regularly accessed by users in different countries. You are redesigning a table named History that records when users have purchased and taken online exams. You need one of the columns in the History table to record what time of day that a user has taken an exam. Additionally, you need this column to have time zone awareness. What data type should you use?


  1. datetimeoffset

  2. datetime

  3. Use two different columns with one column of datetime, and the second column indicating the UTC offset

  4. datetime2


Correct Answer: A




Fill in the blank with the appropriate word.

The _________ model for database management is a database model based on first-order predicate logic.


Correct Answer: relational




You are designing a database for a sports hostel. In the hostel, a player can be enrolled for multiple games. You are working on a relation shown in the image below:




Which of the following candidate keys would best serve as the primary key?


  1. P_ID and P_DOB

  2. Game_ID and P_ID

  3. Game_ID and P_Age

  4. P_ID and P_Age


Correct Answer: B




You are designing a database for a sports hostel. There are three types of buildings for which a fixed fee is charged on per room basis. No player can take two accommodations. You design the following table:




Considering that the P_ID is the primary key, the table is in which normal form? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. BCNF

  2. 1NF

  3. 2NF

  4. 3NF


Correct Answer: BC




You work as a Database Administrator for Dowtech Inc. A table named StudentInformation exists in a database. The table has columns named student_names, student_marks, and student_courses. Some students who have opted for various courses have got different marks in them. This implies that the table has two many-to-many relationships. You have to ensure that these two relationships are not represented in a single table and that the student_name column exists in both tables. Which of the following normal forms will you use to represent these relationships in the tables?


  1. 4 NF

  2. 3 NF

  3. 2 NF

  4. 1 NF


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is an ANSI approved language for communicating and managing data in a relational database management system (RDBMS)?


  1. SQL

  2. QL

  3. DDL

  4. XML


Correct Answer: A


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