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You work as the Database Administrator for All servers on the network run Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2000, and all client computers run Windows XP professional and Windows Vista. The network area consists of a single Active Directory domain named The network contains a Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database server named COMPANY-DB111, which you administer at a regular interval of time. COMPANY-DB111 contains and hosts three databases that support different types of business requirements. The network uses the DBA database that supports internal operations including maintaining data, accounting, and mailing. The network’s regular users make use of stored procedures for the data values that need insertion into the tables. The stored procedures used in the network of the company are designed to access SQL variant type parameters and then use the values to build and execute ad hoc query statements that are the part of the SQL statements. During a routine network check, you discover that there are several odd occurrences in the database. The odd occurrences include data deleted from tables and other unauthorized activity. You suspect a user is executing the unauthorized statements through the stored procedures. You are required to stop the unauthorized changes while having least impact on the stored procedures that are in use. Your explanation must use the least administrative effort. What should you do?


  1. The input parameters should be parsed to watch for and block any input including single quotes.

  2. The stored procedures used for the table should be replaced with ad hoc queries.

  3. The stored procedure should be customized to use type-specific and length-restricted parameters.

  4. All data handling activity on the table should be audited and recorded.


Correct Answer: C




You work as a Database Administrator for DataOneWorld Inc. Management instructs you to remove an object from the relational database management system. Which of the following statements will you use to accomplish the task?


  1. DROP



  4. ALTER


Correct Answer: A





Which of the following enables a user to use generic methods to access a database and to focus on the coding rather than the syntax for a specific database API?


  1. Abstraction

  2. Database security

  3. Native auditing

  4. Authentication


Correct Answer: A




You work as a Database Administrator for InfoTech Inc. The company has a database and they want you to create a design for a database that will support the enterprise’s operations and objectives. Which of the following will you use to accomplish the task?


  1. Application design

  2. Database design

  3. Database planning

  4. Requirements collection and analysis


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following scripts is used to convert Unix-type zone files into SQL statements, and loads the time zone tables in a mysql database?


  1. mysql_tzinfo_to_sql

  2. mysql_time_to_sql

  3. mysql_timezone_to_sql

  4. mysql_tz_to_sql


Correct Answer: A




You work as a Database Designer for Tritech Inc. You are designing a table named Info. The table contains the following attributes:


  • Login and Password

  • Name

  • ContactNumber

  • Address


Each new employee joining the company is assigned an E-mail Login and Password. This E-mail Login and Password is used by each employee to access his account on the company’s Web site. The value of both the attributes should be unique and cannot be NULL. You design an artificial key EmpID in the Info table to serve as a primary key. Which of the following factors lead you to define an artificial key for use as a primary key in the Info table? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. The value of the primary key cannot be NULL.

  2. The value of the primary key must be persistent.

  3. The natural key contains highly sensitive data.

  4. The value of the primary key must be unique.


Correct Answer: DABC




In addition to taking backups of your databases, you should also backup up files stated below. Which of these files store updates that have been made after the backup was made?


  1. Binary log files

  2. My.ini

  3. My.cnf



Correct Answer: A




Which of the following is a building working model of a database system?


  1. Prototyping

  2. Bottom-up approach

  3. Conceptual database design

  4. Top-down approach


Correct Answer: A






You are the database administrator for a MySQL database server. The network contains new and old (pre-4.1) clients. You configure another database server on the network. You allow the network clients to connect to the new server. Some users complain that when they try to connect to the server, they receive the following error:


ERROR 1251: The client does not support authentication protocol requested by the server; consider upgrading MySQL client.


You do not want to upgrade any client or server right now, and want to enable all clients to connect to the new server successfully. Which of the following steps will you take to resolve the issue?


  1. Run the server with the –secure-auth option.

  2. Run the server with the –old-password option.

  3. Run the server with the –allow-old option.

  4. Run the server with the –enable-old option.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following steps in database planning is used to record an object so that it is represented visually in the system?


  1. Identifying the relationships between objects

  2. Gathering information

  3. Object identification

  4. Object modeling


Correct Answer: D


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