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You are a Database Administrator of MySQL database. Few days back, your server crashed. Now, it is up and online. You need to check the integrity of various tables used in the database. You need to issue the CHECK TABLE command. For which of the following tables will this command work? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose two.



  2. MyISAM

  3. MERGE

  4. InnoDB


Correct Answer: BD




Which of the following can be used to populate a table? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.

  1. Data Pump

  2. SQL*Loader

  3. INSERT statement

  4. MERGE statement


Correct Answer: CBAD




Which of the following statements about external tables is true?


  1. They can have constraints or triggers.

  2. They cannot be written to with DML commands.

  3. They can have indexes.

  4. They cannot be used in joins, views, and subqueries.


Correct Answer: B




You work as a Database Designer for SoftTech Inc. You have developed the conceptual design of the database of an organization. Following is the ER-diagram, which you have designed. Now you have to convert the following diagram to a logical model.




Which of the following steps will you take to accomplish the task? Each correct answer represents a part of the solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. Now migrate the Start Date attribute of “works on” relationship to the Project table.

  2. Create two tables, Employee and Project.

  3. Create a primary key for both the tables.

  4. Migrate the primary key of the Employee table to the Project table to maintain referential integrity between the two tables.

  5. Create three tables, Employee, Project, and Manager.


Correct Answer: BCDA




Which of the following values cannot be stored in a character column defined as the primary key of a table?


  1. null

  2. ‘0’

  3. ‘null’


Correct Answer: A




Mark works as a Database Administrator for DataOneWorld Inc. Management instructs him to provide an additional security layer to the database to prevent unauthorized viewing of data with the help of an algorithm called cipher. Which of the following will help him to accomplish the task?


  1. Native auditing

  2. Authentication

  3. Encryption

  4. Abstraction


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following is a design of the user interface and the application programs that use and process the database?


  1. Application Design

  2. Object Modeling

  3. Database Design

  4. Database Planning


Correct Answer: A






Which of the following is used to give a default value to a column if the value for that column is unknown?


  1. Concurrency

  2. DEFAULT constraint

  3. Nested transaction

  4. Transaction


Correct Answer: B




Suzanne works as a Database Designer for DataOneWorld Inc. She is assigned the task of decomposing the components of a database, but she has to ensure that all the components are decomposed to only some extent. Which of the following approaches will she use to accomplish the task?


  1. Mixed approach

  2. Inside-out approach

  3. Top-down approach

  4. Bottom-up approach


Correct Answer: A




Consider the case of a distance education university. The university has many regional centers across the country. Each regional center has a head known as regional manager. Each regional center has allotted more than one study center in its region. Each regional center has a region code, which is unique and specifies a region. Each study center also has a study center code, which is also unique. What is the relationship between regional center and study center?


  1. One-to-one

  2. One-to-many

  3. There is no relationship.

  4. Many-to-many


Correct Answer: B


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