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You are modifying a database that is used as a backend for a web site. The web site developers want to include positional data that can be used by the web site users to determine store locations information that is stored in the Stores table of the database. You are asked to add a column to the Stores table. What data type should you use?


  1. varchar

  2. nvarchar

  3. geography

  4. GPS


Correct Answer: C




Which of the following statements are correct regarding recovery of the InnoDB tables after a server crash? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply.


  1. They can only be recovered from the dump files.

  2. They are automatically recovered at the server startup.

  3. They are recovered only after restarting the server with the innodb_force_recovery option configured.

  4. The innodb_force_recovery option opens the InnoDB tables in the read-only mode.


Correct Answer: BD




Which of the following ensures referential integrity between tables?


  1. Foreign key

  2. CHECK constraint

  3. Index

  4. Primary key


Correct Answer: A




John works as a Database Administrator for Inc. The company has a SQL server 2008 database. John wants to define a valid data while adding or updating an entry in a table of a relational database. Which of the following should he use to accomplish the task?


  1. Locking hints

  2. Check constraint

  3. Stored procedure

  4. View


Correct Answer: B




Adam works as a Database Designer for DataOne Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. Adam has to ensure that either all the databases are updated or none of them are updated, so that the databases remain synchronized. Which of the following will he use to accomplish the task?


  1. Native auditing

  2. Two-phase commit

  3. Encryption

  4. Concurrency control


Correct Answer: B




Meryl works as a Database Designer for Klone Inc. She wants to create a table named Emp. She issues the following query:




What will happen after executing this query?


  1. The query will fail, as the id and name attributes are created in lowercase.

  2. The query will execute partially, as it will create the table but will fail to create the attributes.

  3. The query will fail because the id and name attributes must be separated by a comma.

  4. The query will create a table named Emp.


Correct Answer: C




James works as a Database Administrator for DataOneWorld Inc. The company has a SQL Server database. James has been assigned the task to store information for each object in the database. Which of the following steps will help him accomplish the task?


  1. Identifying the information for objects

  2. Object modeling

  3. Object identification

  4. Identifying the relationships between objects


Correct Answer: A




Which of the following terms is described in statement below? “It is a collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationship, data semantics, and consistency constraints.”


  1. Data model

  2. Generic Data Model

  3. Relational model

  4. Entity-Relationship Model


Correct Answer: A




Philandrio Inc. is one of the largest drug manufacturing companies in the world. It has many offices worldwide. Each office has a manpower of approximately 14,000. The managers themselves are employees in the company. You are building a database for the company’s Human Resources Department (HRD). You want to track the following attributes for each employee, and at the same time, eliminate duplicate entries and minimize data storage wherever possible.


  • FirstName

  • MiddleName

  • LastName

  • EmployeeIdentityNumber

  • Address

  • Date_ of_ Hire

  • Department

  • Salary

  • ManagerIdentityNumber


Which of the following is the appropriate table detail sufficient to track the above attributes, correctly and efficiently?


  1. Only one table, Employee

  2. Three tables, Employee, Manager, and a table to link both these entities

  3. Two tables, Employee and Manager

  4. Either two or three tables


Correct Answer: A




You work as a Database Administrator for Softech Inc. The company has a database that contains a table named Emp. The Emp table has the EmpId, Name, Department, and Designation attributes. Recently, the table was modified by adding the Phone attribute. Some employees have more than one phone number.




Which of the following statements is true about the Emp table?


  1. It violates 1NF.

  2. It violates 2NF.

  3. It violates 3NF.

  4. It does not violate any normal form.


Correct Answer: A


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