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User input should always be validated by an ASP.NET validation control or server-side processing because:


  1. JavaScript can be turned off by the client, rendering client-side validation ineffective.

  2. Server-side processing is the preferred method of validating user input.

  3. Client-side scripting languages are generally ineffective.

  4. Client-side validation requires more resources than server-side validation.


Correct Answer: A




You need to ensure that the date typed in the <asp:TextBox> control named txtEnd is later than the date typed in the <asp:TextBox> control named txtStart. Which built-in control should you use?


  1. RegularExpressionValidator

  2. DateValidator

  3. CompareValidator

  4. RangeValidator


Correct Answer: C




Which is the correct query string syntax for passing the values red for color1, yellow for color2, and blue for color3?


  1. ?color1=red;color2=yellow;color3=blue;

  2. ?color1=red&color2=yellow&color3=blue

  3. ?color1=red&color2=yellow&color3=blue;

  4. ?color1:red;color2:yellow;color3:blue


Correct Answer: B




You call the following AJAX function when an <asp:Button> control is clicked:


function HelloWorld() {

document.body.insertAdjacentHTML(‘beforeEnd’, ‘Hello World! ‘); }


Which property should you specify for the button to ensure that the HelloWorld function is executed when the button is clicked?


  1. OnClientClick=”HelloWorld”

  2. OnClientClick=”Hello World()”

  3. OnClick=”HelloWorld()”

  4. OnClientClick=”HelloWorld()”


Correct Answer: D




A Web site has a page that must be translated to different languages. The translated text should only be accessible by that page. Where should you store the files that contain the translated text?


  1. App_GlobalResources folder

  2. App_Code folder

  3. App_Data folder

  4. App_LocalResources folder

  5. App_WebReferences folder


Correct Answer: D




In which folder of an ASP.NET Web application should you place compiled assemblies that you want to reference in the application?


  1. The App_LocalResources folder

  2. The Bin folder

  3. The App_Code folder

  4. The App_Data folder


Correct Answer: B




You are creating a Web application that connects to an external database. When developing the application, the database will be located on the development computer. After the application is deployed, the database will be located on a different server. You need to ensure that the connection string can be changed without recompiling the application. Where should you store the connection string?


  1. Global.asax

  2. Machine.config

  3. Web.config

  4. MasterPage.master


Correct Answer: C




You are planning to use an ObjectDataSource control to bind a GridView to a collection. You need to enable the user to limit the results displayed to those that have a Salary property value within a specific range. Which property should you set?


  1. Where

  2. SelectMethod

  3. SelectCommand

  4. FilterExpression


Correct Answer: D




The RegisterAsyncPostBackControl method of the <asp:ScriptManager> control:


  1. is used to register controls that are in a parent <asp:UpdatePanel> container for asynchronous postback.

  2. can only be called if the ChildrenAsTriggers property of the <asp:UpdatePanel> is set to true.

  3. is used to register controls that are in a child <asp:UpdatePanel> container for asynchronous postback.

  4. is used to register controls that are not in an <asp:UpdatePanel> container for asynchronous postback.


Correct Answer: D




Which two of the following are JavaScript comments? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


  1. //This is a comment

  2. /* This is a comment */

  3. // This is a comment //

  4. ‘This is a comment

  5. <!– This is a comment –>


Correct Answer: AB


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