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You are creating a Web application. The application accesses files that are protected using NTFS permissions. Only users who are granted the necessary file permissions should be allowed to access them. You need to configure authentication for the Web application. Which markup should you use?


A. <system.web>

<authentication mode=”Windows”/>

<identity impersonate=”false”/>




B. <system.web>

<authentication mode=”Forms”/>

<identity impersonate=”true”/>


C. <system.web>

<authentication mode=”Windows”/>

<identity impersonate=”true”/>


D. <system.web>

<authentication mode=”Forms”/>

<identity impersonate=”false”/>



Correct Answer: C




You have designed a Web site that uses an application variable as a hit counter to record the number of visitors to the site. You need to make sure that only one user can increment the hit counter at a time. What should you do?


  1. Lock the Application object, increment the hit counter, and then clear the Application object.

  2. Clear the Application object and then increment the hit counter.

  3. Unlock the Application object, increment the hit counter, and then lock the Application object.

  4. Lock the Application object, increment the hit counter, and then unlock the Application object.


Correct Answer: D




One purpose of IIS application pools is to:


  1. group together Web applications that have hyperlinks to each other.

  2. prevent memory leaks.

  3. prevent an unstable Web application from affecting other Web applications.

  4. link Web applications that have related functionality.


Correct Answer: C





You store a setting in the <appSettings> section of the Web.config file. You need to retrieve the value of the setting in a server-side event procedure. Which object should you use?


  1. ConfigurationManager

  2. Application

  3. Server

  4. FileSystem


Correct Answer: A




The Cache property of the HttpContext object stores data that:


  1. can only be accessed by code in the Global.asax file.

  2. is shared only between requests within the same session.

  3. is shared only between sessions initiated by a specific user.

  4. is shared between all sessions of an application.


Correct Answer: D




Which HTTP error code is associated with an internal server error?


  1. HTTP Error 500

  2. HTTP Error 400

  3. HTTP Error 503

  4. HTTP Error 404


Correct Answer: A




You are creating an ASP.NET application. You are writing an event procedure that retrieves data from an external database. The event procedure must iterate through the retrieved data and modify records that meet certain conditions. You need to select the objects you will use. What should you use?


  1. Command and DataSet

  2. DataSet and DataReader

  3. DataAdapter and DataSet

  4. DataAdapter and DataReader


Correct Answer: C




You want to bind the Text property of a label on a Web page to a value in a database from a field named SuggestionDate. The value does not need to be updatable. The approach you use should make the most efficient use of server resources. Which syntax should you use?


  1. Text='<%# Eval(“SuggestionDate”) %>’

  2. Text='<%= Bind(“SuggestionDate”) %>’

  3. Text='<%= Eval(“SuggestionDate”) %>’

  4. Text='<%# Bind(“SuggestionDate”) %>’


Correct Answer: A




You need to ensure that only one radio button can be selected in a group. What should you do?


  1. Set the ValidationGroup property of the RadioButton controls to the same value.

  2. Set the GroupName property of the RadioButton controls to the same value.

  3. Set the Text property of the RadioButton controls to the same value.

  4. Set the Checked property of the RadioButton controls to the same value.


Correct Answer: B




Which two controls allow users to select one or more options from a list of options? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


  1. <asp:BulletedList>

  2. <asp:ListBox>

  3. <asp:RadioButtonList>

  4. <asp:DropDownList>

  5. <asp:CheckBoxList>


Correct Answer: BE


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