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You create a project that includes a file named promos.asmx. You write the class shown in the exhibit. You need to ensure that client applications can call the GetTodaysDeals function by passing a query string to promos.asmx. What should you do?




  1. Modify the class to inherit WebService and change the method’s return type to Xml.

  2. Decorate the method with the WebMethod attribute.

  3. Decorate the method with the WebService attribute.

  4. Change the method’s return type to Xml.


Correct Answer: B




You are developing an intranet application. The application requires users to log on, and you need to store the user’s identity in a session variable. The approach you take should require the least amount of time and resources. Which session state mode should you use?


  1. Custom

  2. StateServer

  3. InProc

  4. SQLServer


Correct Answer: C








Which statement about client-side scripting languages is true?


  1. Client-side scripting languages cannot be used to validate user input before submitting a page to the server.

  2. Client-side scripting languages can access a database on the server.

  3. The browser understands only HTML and client-side scripting languages.

  4. VBScript, JavaScript, and C# are all examples of client-side scripting languages.


Correct Answer: C




You need to use a DataSet object to retrieve data when you need to:


  1. access data in a forward-only and read-only manner.

  2. access each row of data only data once.

  3. manipulate data from multiple sources, such as a database and an XML file.

  4. process a result set that is too large to fit into memory.


Correct Answer: C




A Web application has a page that includes the code shown in the exhibit. What will happen when this page executes?




A. An exception will occur because a function cannot be called with the <head> block.

B. The function will be executed by the client browser.

C. An exception will occur because a JavaScript function cannot be defined in the <head> block. D. The function will be executed by the Web server.

Correct Answer: B




Your ASP.NET application includes the following code in the ListBox1_SelectedIndexChanged event:




The ShowFields method displays fields on the page, based on the value the user selects in ListBox1. When you test the code, no fields are displayed on the page. What is the most likely reason?


  1. You need to move the code to the Page_Load event procedure.

  2. You need to set the AutoEventWireup attribute in the @ Page directive to true.

  3. You need to move the code to the Page_PreInit event procedure.

  4. You need to set the AutoPostBack property for ListBox1 to true.


Correct Answer: D




Which DataSource control can be used to bind a GridView control to an ADO.NET DataReader?


  1. ObjectDataSource

  2. EntityDataSource

  3. XmlDataSource

  4. SqlDataSource


Correct Answer: D




Your Web site uses a code file that defines business objects. One of the business objects implemented is likely to change. You need to ensure that the code file defining the business objects is automatically recompiled the first time it is used after being modified. Where should you store the file?


  1. Global assembly cache (GAC)

  2. App_GlobalResources folder

  3. bin folder

  4. App_Code folder


Correct Answer: D




You are creating a custom control that will be used on ASP.NET Web pages. The control allows the user to select a style from a drop-down list. You need to ensure that the style the user selects is preserved between postbacks. The page developer must not be able to disable this functionality. Which state management mechanism should you use to store the selected style?


  1. Control state

  2. Application state

  3. View state

  4. Session state


Correct Answer: A




You add a ListBox control and a GridView control to a form and bind each to a different SqlDataSource control. The GridView control should display a result set filtered by the value selected in the ListBox control. What type of parameter should you define for the WHERE clause of the data source bound to the GridView control?


  1. QueryStringParameter

  2. ControlParameter

  3. FormParameter

  4. CookieParameter


Correct Answer: B


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