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You use a DataReader to:


  1. retrieve an updateable result set.

  2. cache data for use after the Connection object is closed.

  3. reduce the load on the database server.

  4. retrieve a read-only, forward-only result set.


Correct Answer: D




When using the Copy Web Site tool:


  1. source code files are precompiled if they are in the App_Code directory, and then copied.

  2. all source code file are copied and then compiled.

  3. all source code files are copied and later compiled upon request.

  4. all source code files are precompiled and then copied.


Correct Answer: C




An AJAX page contains several <asp:Bbutton> controls that trigger partial-page updates in an

UpdatePanel control. You click the buttons and several updates occur. What is the result after the partial-page updates?


  1. The page reloads with all updates visible when you click the Back button.

  2. The original page reloads without any of the updates when you click the Back button.

  3. The Back button is inactive.

  4. All updates except the most recent one are still visible if you click the Back button.


Correct Answer: C




You want to use the Publish Web Site tool in Visual Studio 2010 to deploy a Web site on a remote server that does not support FTP, but it does support FrontPage Server Extensions.

Which option should you select in the Publish Web Site dialog box?


  1. Local IIS

  2. FTP Site

  3. Remote Site

  4. File System


Correct Answer: C




Which type of control is the most difficult to create?


  1. A CompareValidator control

  2. A server control

  3. A RangeValidator control

  4. A user control


Correct Answer: B




In which folder should you place a file that is used to create a reference to a Web service?


  1. App_WebReferences

  2. App_LocalResources

  3. App_Data

  4. Bin


Correct Answer: A




Which ASP.NET DataSource control would you use to connect to an Oracle database?


  1. AccessDataSource

  2. OracleDataSource

  3. SqlDataSource

  4. ObjectDataSource


Correct Answer: C




Which GridView control event can you use to prevent data in the data source from being modified if the new data contains invalid values?


  1. RowUpdating

  2. RowEdited

  3. RowDataBound

  4. RowEditing


Correct Answer: A




Your Web site includes a number of hyperlinks. You want each hyperlink to display with a silver background when the user’s mouse rests over it. Which Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) style rule should you define?


  1. link.hover {background-color:silver;}

  2. a.mouseover {background-color=silver;}

  3. link:mouseover {background-color=silver;}

  4. a:hover {background-color:silver;}


Correct Answer: D




Settings defined in the Machine.config file:


  1. apply to Windows applications, but not ASP.NET applications.

  2. apply to ASP.NET applications, but not Windows applications.

  3. are overridden by settings defined in an application’s Web.config file.

  4. take precedence over the settings defined in an application’s Web.config file.


Correct Answer: C


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