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You have an external style sheet that includes the following style:




color: Gray;



You create an .aspx page that includes the following element:

<div style=”color:Aqua; text-decoration:underline”> Hello World </div>


How will the text “Hello World” be displayed when the user browses the page?


  1. Gray and underlined

  2. Aqua and underlined

  3. Aqua and not underlined

  4. Gray and not underlined


Correct Answer: B




When using the Visual Studio debugger, a breakpoint:


  1. makes the program pause after each line.

  2. closes the browser and ends the session.

  3. is the point at which the code stops executing and throws an exception.

  4. pauses the execution of the code.


Correct Answer: D




Which of these is a requirement of XML?


  1. XML tag names must be all lowercase.

  2. XML tag names must be all uppercase.

  3. XML tags must not contain any spaces.

  4. XML elements must be properly nested.


Correct Answer: D



Which property of the SqlDataSource control holds either a SQL query or the name of a stored procedure that the SqlDataSource control uses to retrieve data?


  1. ConnectionString

  2. DetailsView

  3. SelectCommand

  4. SelectParameters


Correct Answer: C




What are two ways to ensure that the time limit required to establish the connection is not exceeded? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)


  1. Set the ConnectionTimeout property of the SqlConnection object.

  2. Use a DataSet instead of a SqlDataReader.

  3. Place all statements that use the connection within a using block.

  4. Call the Close method on the SqlConnection object.

  5. Store the connection string in the Web.config file.


Correct Answer: CD




Your application contains the business class shown in the exhibit. You want to bind the Species collection to an <asp:Repeater> control. What control should you use as the data source?




  1. AccessDataSource

  2. LinqDataSource

  3. SqlDataSource

  4. XmlDataSource


Correct Answer: B




An IIS worker process:


  1. is created for each ASP.NET page request.

  2. is created for each ASP.NET session.

  3. runs under the NetworkService security context by default.

  4. runs under the LocalSystem security context by default.


Correct Answer: C




You are configuring a Web Application that connects to a SQL Server database. Which types of authentication are supported by SQL Server Mixed Mode? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


  1. SQL Server Authentication

  2. Windows Authentication

  3. Passport Authentication

  4. Forms Authentication


Correct Answer: AB




You write a JavaScript function named setCurrent() that changes the color of an <input type=”text” /> element. You need to configure an <input type=”text” /> element to call setCurrent when the user clicks in or tabs to the field. What property should you set?


  1. onclick

  2. onselect

  3. onfocus

  4. onblur


Correct Answer: C





What is a Web garden?


  1. A worker process that belongs to multiple application pools

  2. An application pool that is associated with multiple Web applications

  3. A Web application that is associated with multiple application pools

  4. An application pool that has multiple worker processes


Correct Answer: D


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