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You want to bind an input field on a Web form to a value in a database field named LastName. You want the user to be able to update the field in case his or her name is misspelled. Which syntax should you use?


  1. <%= Bind(“LastName”) %>

  2. <%# Eval(“LastName”) %>

  3. <%# Bind(“LastName”) %>

  4. <%# Bind(“LastName”) %>


Correct Answer: C




Connections can only share a connection in the connection pool if:


  1. they are established within the same session.

  2. they are established within the same using block.

  3. they issue the same SELECT query.

  4. they use an identical connection string.


Correct Answer: D




Which event occurs after view state has been loaded, but before any control events?


  1. Page_Load()

  2. Page_SaveStateComplete()

  3. Page_PreInit()

  4. Page_PreRender()


Correct Answer: A






Which object should you use to stop the execution of the code in a Web page?


  1. Application object

  2. Server object

  3. Request object

  4. Response object


Correct Answer: D




You are adding a Web page to an application that will enable users to change their password. You need to display a message about password requirements when the page loads initially. When the user submits the form, you want to display a message indicating whether or not the password was successfully changed. You need to determine whether the page has been sent to the server. Which property should you test for?


  1. Page.IsPostBack

  2. Page.IsCallback

  3. Page.PreviousPage

  4. Page.IsCrossPagePostBack


Correct Answer: A




Your application includes the following XML document:


<? xml version=”1.0″ ?>


<Customer type=”Preferred”>Bill Smith</Customer>

<Customer type=”Standard”>Tony Ward</Customer>



Which statement describes the XML?


  1. The XML is invalid because the end tag for the <Customers> element does not match the start tag.

  2. The XML is invalid because the <Customers> element can only contain a single <Customer> element.

  3. The XML is invalid because the values “Bill Smith” and “Tony Ward” contain spaces.

  4. The XML is valid and well-formed.

Correct Answer: A




If AutoEventWireup is set to true, then:


  1. your page will throw an exception.

  2. it changes which lifecycle stages are executed during a postback.

  3. you are NOT required to explicitly bind event handlers to a page event.

  4. you are required to explicitly bind event handlers to a page event.


Correct Answer: C




You need to enable tracing for a Web application. The trace information should be visible at the bottom of all of the application’s Web pages when you access them from the server, but it should not be visible to users who connect to the site from another computer. Which element should you add to the <system.web> element of the Web.config file?


  1. <trace enabled=”true” localOnly=”true” pageOutput=”false” />

  2. <trace enabled=”true” localOnly=”false” pageOutput=”true” />

  3. <trace enabled=”true” localOnly=”true” pageOutput=”true” />

  4. <trace enabled=”false” localOnly=”true” pageOutput=”true” />


Correct Answer: C




Which statement about accessing Request.QueryString without specifying an index is true?


  1. If a specified variable is not assigned a value, an empty collection is returned.

  2. If a specified variable has multiple values, an exception is thrown.

  3. If a specified variable is not assigned a value, an exception is thrown.

  4. If a specified variable has multiple values, only the first value for the specified variable is returned.


Correct Answer: A




Your Web application displays data from an Oracle database in a GridView control. You want to allow users to update the data displayed in the GridView control. Which of the following should you use? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


  1. An XmlDataSource control

  2. A SqlDataSource Control

  3. The Bind method

  4. The Eval method


Correct Answer: BC


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