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When configuring a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) client, where do you define the URL for the WCF service?


  1. In the registry on the client computer

  2. In the Global.asax file

  3. In the <endpoint> element in the configuration file

  4. In the <binding> element in the configuration file


Correct Answer: C




When a Web site is created, IIS:


  1. will place the Web site in the first application pool listed alphabetically on the drop-down list in IIS.

  2. will place the Web site in DefaultAppPool.

  3. will not place the Web site in an application pool.

  4. will prompt the administrator to create a new application pool or to select an existing one.


Correct Answer: B




Which property of the SqlDataSource control includes the name of the database and other parameters needed to establish the connection?


  1. ConnectionString

  2. SelectCommand

  3. GridView

  4. SelectParameters


Correct Answer: A




Which statement appends the text “User not authenticated” to the trace log or the page using red text?


  1. Trace.Warn(“User not authenticated”);

  2. Response.Write(“User not authenticated”);

  3. Debug.Write(“User not authenticated”);

  4. Trace.Write(“User not authenticated”);


Correct Answer: A




Building a Web application using a Release mode configuration:


  1. compiles the code and optimizes it for processing.

  2. prevents changes to the Web.config file.

  3. prevents changes to the source code files.

  4. publishes the application to a remote server.


Correct Answer: A




Which statement about Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX) partial-page updates is true?


  1. An UpdateProgress control is necessary for partial-page updates.

  2. The Timer control can only update a single UpdatePanel control.

  3. A ScriptManager control is not necessary for partial-page updates.

  4. An UpdatePanel control enables a part of your page for partial-page updates.


Correct Answer: D




You are creating a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service. You write the interface shown in the exhibit. Which attribute should decorate the function?




  1. WebMethod

  2. OperationContract

  3. ServiceContract

  4. Serializable


Correct Answer: B


The following XML contains an error.


<PriceConstraint type=”sale”>Sale < Regular</PriceConstraint>


How could you correct it?


  1. Enclose Sale < Regular in double-quotes.

  2. Enclose the < in double quotes.

  3. Enclose Sale < Regular in single-quotes.

  4. Replace the < with an escape character sequence.


Correct Answer: D




You include the following markup in your Web.config file:



<allow users=”?” />



Which users are allowed access?


  1. No users

  2. Anonymous users

  3. All users who have cookies disabled

  4. No anonymous users


Correct Answer: B




To successfully call a Web service in a Web application, you should:


  1. ensure that port 80 is opened on the firewall.

  2. ensure that port 443 is opened on the firewall.

  3. ensure that port 21 is opened on the firewall.

  4. ensure that port 25 is opened on the firewall.


Correct Answer: A


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