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You are an enterprise desktop support technician for Humongous Insurance.


Active Directory Configuration

The company has two offices named Office1 and Office2.

The network contains an Active Directory forest named An Active Directory site exists for each office. The sites are named Site1 and Site2.


Server Configuration

All servers run Windows Server 2008 R2 and are joined to the domain. The relevant servers are configured as shown in the following table:




The corporate security policy states that all domain controllers must have only the following roles:


  • AD DS

  • DNS server

  • DHCP server


Network Configuration

Site1 and Site2 connect to each other by using a WAN link.


Client Computer Configuration

All client computers run Windows 7 Enterprise and are members of the domain. Some client computers are portable computers and some are desktop computers. The computers do not support hardware virtualization.

All computers are configured to receive Windows Updates from WSUS1.


Remote Access Configuration

Users can connect to NPAS1 from the Internet by using all of the VPN protocols that are supported by Windows Server 2008 R2.

Fabrikam, Inc. is a customer of Humongous Insurance. Several Humongous Insurance users work at the Fabrikam office and access resources on the Humongous Insurance network by using direct VPN connections to NPAS1. Fabrikam contains several wireless access points.

Application Configuration

All computers in the finance department run a custom application suite named App1.

Several users in the sales department install an application named App2. App2 runs as a service and logs on by using the credentials of the user who installed the application.




Several users in the sales department report that their user accounts are locked out shortly after they change their user passwords. You need to minimize the number of account lockouts that occur after the users change their passwords. What should you instruct the users to do?


  1. Delete all entries from the Credential Manager vault.

  2. Change their passwords and then create a password reset disk.

  3. Change their passwords and then configure App2 to log on by using a service account.

  4. Change their passwords and then log off and log back on to their computers.


Correct Answer: C




Each day, 100 users in Office2 download a 5-MB product catalog file from a share on Server1. The network administrator reports that the downloads cause an excessive load on the WAN link between Office1 and Office2. You need to recommend a solution to minimize WAN utilization. The solution must not require that additional servers be deployed. What should you recommend?


  1. BranchCache in distributed cache mode

  2. BranchCache in hosted cache mode

  3. Distributed File System Replication (DFSR)

  4. File Server Resource Management (FSRM)


Correct Answer: A




Humongous Insurance users who work at Fabrikam report that when they move between different wireless networks, they are prompted to manually reconnect to the VPN. You need to ensure that the users can automatically reconnect to the VPN when they move between wireless networks. What should you request?


  1. That a network administrator create a CNAME record named AUTODISCOVER in the DNS zone.

  1. That a network administrator enable Network Load Balancing on NPAS1.

  2. That users use only IKEv2-based VPN connections.

  3. That users use only SSTP-based VPN connections.


Correct Answer: C


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