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Which type of modified report can be printed in place of the original report?


  1. An alternate copy only.

  2. A primary copy only.

  3. A custom copy only.

  4. A secondary copy only.


Correct Answer: B




A user reports that they can access a report in Microsoft Dynamics GP but they cannot view the

modified report. You need to ensure that the user can view the modified report. What should

you do?


  1. Create a new security task that allows access to the modified report and then assign the

report to the user’s role.

  1. Update the Alternate/Modified Forms and Reports ID assigned to the user to include the

modified report.

  1. Modify the Home Page role for the user to include modified reports.

  2. Grant the user access to the report by using SQL.


Correct Answer: B




Which part of the batch posting process will remove transactions from single-use batches?


  1. Remove

  2. Clean-up

  3. Reporting

  4. Posting


Correct Answer: B




You use Performance Monitor to locate the cause of performance issues with Microsoft Dynamics

GP. Which performance counter should be checked first?


  1. Network

  2. Memory

  3. Disk

  4. CPU


Correct Answer: B







Which two files are created when using the Dexterity Script Debugger?

(Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two)


  1. Dex.ini

  2. Profile.txt

  3. Dexsql.log

  4. Script.log


Correct Answer: BD




What type of processes can you view using the Process Monitor on a process server?


  1. Processes running on other remote process servers.

  2. Processes running on the process manager.

  3. Processes running on the client workstation.

  4. Processes running on the local process server.


Correct Answer: D




How many Distributed Process Managers (DPMs) are allowed on a network?


  1. 1

  2. 3

  3. 5

  4. No Limit


Correct Answer: A




What is the minimum operating system supported for Microsoft Dynamics GP desktop client?


  1. Windows XP SP3

  2. Windows Vista Enterprise

  3. Windows 8 Professional Edition

  4. Windows 7 Professional Edition


Correct Answer: D



You are installing Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 on a workstation that has an existing instance of

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013. What happens when you install Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013?


  1. The existing instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP is automatically upgraded.

  2. The Instance Selection window appears so you can choose to create a new instance or

configure the existing instance.

  1. The existing instance of Microsoft Dynamics GP is automatically uninstalled.

  2. The install process fails until you manually uninstall the existing instance.


Correct Answer: B




A workstation cannot access Letters and OLE Notes. You need to change the path for Letters and

OLE Notes to the correct directory. Which file on the workstation should you modify?


  1. Dynamics.set

  2. DynUtils.set

  3. Dynamics.dic

  4. Dex.ini


Correct Answer: D


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