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A posting interruption has occurred. You identify a batch that did not post. Which action should

you take next?


  1. Remove the user from the Activity table.

  2. Reenter the transactions that did not post.

  3. Use the Batch Recovery window to continue processing.

  4. Delete and recreate the batch.


Correct Answer: C





Which analysis tool can be used on Windows Server to troubleshoot performance issues on the



  1. Microsoft Dynamics CP Utilities

  2. Windows Performance Monitor

  3. Dexsql.log

  4. SQL Maintenance window


Correct Answer: B




To which two locations can SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) reports be deployed?

(Each correct answer represents the complete solution. Choose two)


  1. SharePoint Document Library

  2. Microsoft Dynamics GP

  3. Report Manager

  4. Business Analyzer


Correct Answer: AC




Which three types of reports are available in the Report Writer tool?

(Each correct answer represents the complete solution. Choose three)


  1. Custom

  2. Duplicate

  3. Modified

  4. Original

  5. New


Correct Answer: ACD




Which two tools can be used to create SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) Reports?

(Each correct answer presents a complete solution Choose two.)


  1. Reporting Services configuration Manager

  2. SQL Server Business intelligence Development Studio

  3. Report Builder

  4. SQL Server Management Studio


Correct Answer: BC




You have three Microsoft Word templates for the SOP Blank Invoice Form as described:


  • Template A is assigned as the default

  • Template B is assigned to Customer Class A

  • Template C is assigned to Customer 1


Customer 2 belongs to Customer Class B.


Which template will be used to print an invoice for Customer 2?


  1. Template B

  2. Template C

  3. Template A

  4. Standard GP Report


Correct Answer: A




Which file format can be used to automatically send standard Report Writer reports by using



  1. XPS

  2. PDF

  3. HTML

  4. DOCX


Correct Answer: C




You are installing Microsoft Dynamics GP on a new workstation. You need to create an Open

Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection for Microsoft Dynamics GP. Which two options should

you configure? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


  1. Clear the Use ANSI quoted identifiers check box.

  2. Select the Use strong encryption for data check box.

  3. Clear the Use ANSI nulls, paddings and warnings check box.

  4. Select the Use regional settings when outputting currency, numbers, dates and times check



Correct Answer: AC




You create a software update by using the Automatic Updates feature. What type of delivery file

is supported?


  1. .zip file

  2. .exe file

  3. .cnk file

  4. .msp file


Correct Answer: D




What is the minimum version of Windows Internet Explorer that is compatible with the Microsoft

Dynamics GP desktop client?


  1. Internet Explorer 7.0

  2. Internet Explorer 8.0

  3. Internet Explorer 9.0

  4. Internet Explorer 10.0


Correct Answer: B


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