What Is Azure Application Insights | Learn App Insights

Azure Application Insights Application Performance Management (APM) service for web developers that supports multiple platforms. Application Insights are mainly used to monitor the live web applications, automatically detecting the performance anomalies. The advanced data analytics tools help in diagnosing the application issues raised. One can understand what users are doing with your app and what is that to improve for making the app with Read more [...]

Azure Stream Analytics | Real-Time Data Stream Analytics

Introduction Azure Stream Analytics is a processed event management service that would help you to implement computations related to analytics. Quite interestingly, you can set up these services on real-time data which is a bonus and not many companies offer to you. In this context, it is vital to note that this data can arise from websites, sensors, applications and infrastructure systems. You would be fascinated to know that the Azure Stream Read more [...]

A Brief Overview Of The Microsoft Azure Media Services – Tutorial

Introduction Azure Media Services is a platform that is being built on the sidelines of cloud computing. It is interesting to note that this service helps the developers to create scalable media management and delivery applications. In this context, it is important to point out that data management, execution, analytics, and high-performance computing are the essential requirements of any business that is looking forward to creating a stir in Read more [...]

Azure Application Gateway: Microsoft Azure App Gateway | MindMajix

Introduction to Application Gateway Microsoft Azure Application Gateway is a virtual appliance that provides ADC (application delivery controller) as a part of its service.  Azure Application Gateway instills several layer 7 load balancing capacities for client applications. It enables clients to optimize their web farm efficiency by offloading the Central Processing Unit-intensive SSL termination to an application gateway.  In addition, Read more [...]

Overview Of Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager | Mindmajix

Introduction Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager allows users to manage the user traffic distribution of various service endpoints that are located in data centers around the world. The service endpoints, which are supported by the Azure Traffic Manager, incorporate cloud services, Web Apps, and Azure VMs. Users can use the Azure Traffic Manager, as well as the non-Azure external endpoints as well.Azure Traffic Manager utilizes the DNS (Domain Name Read more [...]

Learn Azure SQL Data Warehouse | Deep Analysis | MindMajix

Azure SQL Data Warehouse was launched by Microsoft when they decided to make use of the cloud.  The company turned its Azure services into enterprise-grade cloud-based solutions that integrate cutting-edge features like data management and analytics at its core.  One of the services that Microsoft is pushing with a lot of energy, is the Azure SQL Data Warehouse. It is a scalable database management service, blended with elastic data warehouse Read more [...]

Azure Monitor | Monitoring Data | Azure Cloud | Cloud Services

  Azure Monitoring provides data to ensure that your data on cloud applications that helps you to identify problems and troubleshoot them. In addition to it, you can gain deep insights into your application to improve performance and automate the activities. Azure Monitoring Cloud apps? There are multiple tools for monitoring Azure applications and services. Here are some principal tools: 1. Azure Monitor is a cloud-based application monitoring Read more [...]

Azure Active Directory Domain Services | Azure AD Domain Services

Introduction to Azure Active Directory Domain Services: We have discussed  Azure Active Directory basics at length in our earlier article. Now, we will introduce you to Domain Services of Azure Active Directory. Azure Active Directory Domain Services allow you to access cloud-based applications available in the on-premise  IT Infrastructure of an enterprise for its data transactions and operations. This Azure product by Microsoft allows you Read more [...]

Microsoft Azure Portal | Azure Preview Portal | Azure Portal

The Microsoft Azure portal is the place to be in control of in order to effectively manage Azure resources. Microsoft Azure Portal Pro-Tips  Here\'s a list of eight beneficial tips, which will surely equip the users with a fair idea about the activities that they can perform on the Microsoft Azure portal. 1. Microsoft Azure Portal - Preview Microsoft is in the process of continuously improving its Azure portal. Users can get a quick preview Read more [...]

Azure Load Balancer | Azure Traffic Manager | Internal Load Balancer

Azure Load balancer Tutorial – Azure Traffic Manager: Before I get started with Azure Load balance, let me show you the topics that I am going to cover in this blog, which will help you to Know Azure Traffic Manager, Internal load balancer and Azure load balancer. In this blog, I have written Multiple Important Topics which will help for your carrier. These below mentioned are the topics : Introduction Of Azure Load Balancer.  Need for a Read more [...]

QuickStart Microsoft Azure IoT Hub: IoT Protocols | MindMajix

Azure IoT Hub is a Cloud-based Platform as a service Architecture that allows multiple users to access a single server to make the things ascended and accurate. If you want to Enrich your career with a Microsoft Azure certified professional, then visit Mindmajix - A Global online training platform: “Azure Certification Course” .  This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain. Azure IoT Hub - Get Started Azure IoT Hub Read more [...]

Azure Security Center | Cloud Security | Azure Security

Azure Security Center helps you prevent, identify, and react to threats with expanded visibility and control over all your  Azure Resources security. It gives coordinated security monitoring and policy management across your Azure memberships helps in recognizing threats that may somehow go unnoticed and works with a broader ecosystem of security arrangements. If you want to Enrich your career with a Microsoft Azure certified professional, Read more [...]
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