Azure Data Lake | Learn Azure Data Lake Architecture

Introduction to Azure Data Lake Azure Data Lake is a Microsoft service built for simplifying big data storage and analytics. It is a system for storing vast amounts of data in its original format for processing and running analytics. It is useful for developers, data scientists, and analysts as it simplifies data management and processing. Azure Data Lake offers seamless integration and is the optimal solution to productivity and scalability Read more [...]

Introduction To Microsoft Azure App Service

Introduction to Azure App Service: Azure app services are Platform as a Service (Paas) model in the Azure cloud platform that enables you to focus on your business logic while Azure takes care of the infrastructure to run and scale your apps. It is a fully managed to compute platform that is optimized for hosting websites and web applications. Supports Windows and Linux platforms Built-in auto scale and load balancing High availability with Read more [...]

Server-Less Architecture In Azure| Microsoft Azure

Server-less architecture is event-driven stateless compute containers that are heavily relied on third party services. These third-party services are known as Backend as a Service (BaaS) or Mobile Backend as a Service (MBasS) or custom code that\'s run in ephemeral containers (Function as a Service or \"FaaS\"). For example, you developed a mobile app whose backend and database system is not designed by you but you used a ready to be deployed Read more [...]

Overview Of Azure Logic Apps, Architecture, Integration – MindMajix

Introduction to Azure Logic Apps LogicApps are a managed service that provides the Lego blocks of Azure serverless architecture that you can use to create, develop and deploy cloud-based integrations and workflows. The developer merely strings together off-the-shelf, ready-made components with as little effort as possible. The aim is to go from development to production in a few simple, reproducible steps. Microsoft is investing strongly in Read more [...]

AWS Vs Azure (2020)Top 13 Key Comparisons To Choose Best Cloud Service

AWS vs Azure: Which One Would You Choose? AWS and Azure are the top two cloud platforms available today and the majority of the organizations across the globe and using either of these two platforms. So, before selecting any one of these, it is essential for businesses to get familiarized with their features and services.  If you are in a confused state to choose between AWS vs Azure for your business requirements, then you are in the right Read more [...]

Introduction To Azure DevOps And Its Work Process

 Azure DevOps: A detailed and practical guide on DevOps from basics to advance   Garnering over 15 years of learning and investment in providing tools for supporting software development teams, Azure DevOps is well equipped to handle DevOps. Initially, the visual studio team system was developed into Azure DevOps and released in 2018. Azure DevOps is implemented both on the off-premises as Azure DevOps Server and an online one called Azure Read more [...]

Microsoft Azure Batch Complete Guide – MindMajix

Batch processing refers to the execution of a series of jobs without manual intervention. The execution of programs happens on a series of inputs known as a batch. A batch process performs a series of steps for processing input. These steps are known as jobs. Azure Batch:  Azure Batch is a managed service that enables us to run high-performance parallel computing jobs in the cloud. We can run compute-intensive work in a collection of virtual Read more [...]

HDInsight Of Microsoft Azure | Features Of Azure HDInsights

Big data described as bulk information. Hadoop is an open-source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing and storage of Big Data.  A computer cluster is a set of connected computers that can work together as a single system.  Hadoop Clusters are such type of computer clusters that can store, analyse big data which are structured and unstructured. Azure HDInsight deploys these Azure Hadoop clusters in the cloud using Read more [...]

Introduction To Azure Data Catalog – MindMajix

Introduction to Azure Data Catalog Azure Data Catalog is a fully managed cloud operating service in which the users can substantially discover the data sources they require. In this context, it is vital to mention that Azure Data Catalog also assists organizations to extract more value from the existing investments. With the help of this fantastic service that is being designed by Microsoft, the likes of developers and data scientists can discover Read more [...]

An Inside Scoop Of Azure Cognitive Services | Cognitive Services APIs

An Inside Scoop of Azure Cognitive Services Microsoft\'s Azure Cognitive Services is a package full of useful, intelligent Application Programming Interface (APIs) designed for the apps in the cloud.  Azure Cognitive Services combines machine learning, analytics, artificial intelligence, and a variety of different tools with vision. If you would like to become a Microsoft Azure certified professional, then visit Mindmajix - A Global online Read more [...]

Azure Active Directory B2C | Overview Of Azure AD B2C

Microsoft Azure B2C is a highly scalable and secure authentication and identity management system. It allows businesses to apply security controls and manage customer access for their B2C applications. It is an authentication-service that leverages third-party identity stores and social accounts for authorizing access. What is Azure AD B2C? Azure Active Directory B2C is a cloud-based identity function that allows businesses to connect with their Read more [...]

Learn Azure Service Analysis: Microsoft Azure Analysis Server

Introduction Microsoft\'s Azure Analysis Services offers enterprise-grade modeling of data in the cloud.  The Azure Analysis is basically a PaaS (Platform as a Service), which is fully managed and unified with the platform services of Azure data.   Users, with Azure Analysis Services, can easily combine and mashup data from varied sources, specify metrics, and at the same time secure the data in a single, semantic data structure.  This data Read more [...]
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