[Free] Download New Updated (October 2016) Microsoft 70-465 Real Exam 61-70

EnsurepassQUESTION 61 You have two SQL Server instances named SQLDev and SQLProd that have access to various storage media.   You plan to synchronize SQLDev and SQLProd.   You need to recommend a solution that meets the following requirements:   The database schemas must be synchronized from SQLDev to SQLProd. The database on SQLDev must be deployed to SQLProd by using a package. The package must support being deployed to Windows Azure SQL Database.   What should you recommend? Read more [...]

[Free] Download New Updated (October 2016) Microsoft 70-465 Real Exam 50-60

EnsurepassQUESTION 50 You are designing a Windows Azure SQL Database for an order fulfillment system. You create a table named Sales.Orders with the following script.     Each order is tracked by using one of the following statuses:   Fulfilled Shipped Ordered Received   You need to design the database to ensure that that you can retrieve the following information:   The current status of an order The previous status of an order. The date when the status changed. The solution Read more [...]

[Free] Download New Updated (October 2016) Microsoft 70-465 Real Exam Topic 3, Fabrikam, Inc

EnsurepassTopic 3, Fabrikam, Inc   Background   Corporate Information Fabrikam, Inc. is a retailer that sells electronics products on the Internet. The company has a headquarters site and one satellite sales office.   You have been hired as the database administrator, and the company wants you to change the architecture of the Fabrikam ecommerce site to optimize performance and reduce downtime while keeping capital expenditures to a minimum. To help with the solution, Fabrikam has Read more [...]

[Free] Download New Updated (October 2016) Microsoft 70-465 Real Exam Topic 2, Contoso Ltd

EnsurepassTopic 2, Contoso Ltd   Overview   Application Overview Contoso, Ltd., is the developer of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. Contoso is designing a new version of the ERP application. The previous version of the ERP application used SQL Server 2008 R2. The new version will use SQL Server 2014. The ERP application relies on an import process to load supplier data. The import process updates thousands of rows simultaneously, requires exclusive access to the database, Read more [...]

[Free] Download New Updated (October 2016) Microsoft 70-465 Real Exam Topic 1, Litware, Inc

EnsurepassTopic 1, Litware, Inc   Overview You are a database administrator for a company named Litware, Inc. Litware is a book publishing house.   Litware has a main office and a branch office.   You are designing the database infrastructure to support a new web-based application that is being developed. The web application will be accessed at www.litwareinc.com. Both internal employees and external partners will use the application.   You have an existing desktop application Read more [...]