[Free] New Updated (October) Microsoft 70-532 Real Exam 11-20

Ensurepass  QUESTION 11 HOTSPOT Your company works with trusted partners. These partners upload files into a storage account that you control.   Partners must be able to create, read, and write files. Partners must NOT be allowed to see files from other partners. You generate a shared access signature (SAS) for each partner.   You create the following Windows PowerShell script to create a new container for each partner. Line numbers are included for reference only.     For Read more [...]

[Free] New Updated (October) Microsoft 70-532 Real Exam 21-30

Ensurepass  QUESTION 21 DRAG DROP You deploy an application as a cloud service to Azure. The application contains a web role to convert temperatures between Celsius and Fahrenheit.   The application does not correctly convert temperatures. You must use Microsoft Visual Studio to determine why the application does not correctly convert temperatures.   You need to debug the source code in Azure.   Which three actions should you perform in sequence?   To answer, move the appropriate Read more [...]

[Free] New Updated (October) Microsoft 70-532 Real Exam 1-10

Ensurepass   QUESTION 1 HOTSPOT A company creates an Azure worker role to manage products.   The number of customers who inquire about how many products are in inventory rapidly increases.   You need to ensure that the worker role can scale to accommodate the increased workload.   How should you complete the relevant code?   To answer, select the appropriate option or options in the answer area.     Correct Answer:     QUESTION 2 HOTSPOT Your company Read more [...]

[Free] New Updated (October) Microsoft 70-532 Real Exam Topic 3, Mortgage Loan

Ensurepass  Topic 3, Mortgage Loan   Background A company is developing a website that supports mortgage loan processing. You use the Azure management portal to create a website. You initially configure the website to use the Basic hosting plan. You register a custom domain for the website with a valid registrar.   Customers complete mortgage applications and upload supporting documents to the website. A custom executable named FileProcessor.exe processes all of the information received. Read more [...]

[Free] New Updated (October) Microsoft 70-532 Real Exam Topic 2, Contoso, Ltd

Ensurepass  Topic 2, Contoso, Ltd   Background Contoso, Ltd. is developing a patient monitoring solution for a hospital. The solution consists of an Azure website and a set of mobile applications that health care providers use to monitor patients remotely.   Monitoring devices that run the embedded version of Windows will be attached to patients. The devices will collect information from patients and will transmit real-time continuous data to a service that runs on Azure. The service Read more [...]

[Free] New Updated (October) Microsoft 70-532 Real Exam Topic 1, Web-based Solution

Ensurepass  Topic 1, Web-based Solution   Background You are developing a web-based solution that students and teachers can use to collaborate on written assignments. Teachers can also use the solution to detect potential plagiarism, and they can manage assignments and data by using locally accessible network shares.   Business Requirements The solution consists of three parts: a website where students work on assignments and where teachers view and grade assignments, the plagiarism Read more [...]