[Free] 2019(Nov) EnsurePass Cisco 300-115 Dumps with VCE and PDF 1-10

Get Full Version of the Examhttp://www.EnsurePass.com/300-115.html Question No.1What is the size of the VLAN field inside an 802.1q frame?8-bit12-bit16-bit32-bitCorrect Answer: BExplanation:The VLAN field is a 12-bit field specifying the VLAN to which the frame belongs. The hexadecimal values of 0x000 and 0xFFF are reserved. All other values may be used as VLAN identifiers, allowing up to 4,094 VLANsReference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IEEE_802.1Q Question No.2A manager tells the network engineer Read more [...]
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