Latest Real 70-642 Tests Dumps and VCE Exam Questions 381-390



What is used to resolve hostnames to IP addresses? (Choose two.)


A.      DNS

B.      WINS

C.      LMHOSTS files

D.      HOSTS files

E.       Active Directory


Correct Answer: AD




When using WINS, which NetBIOS name resolution method first communicates with a WINS server and then uses a broadcast to resolve the name?


A.      B-node

B.      P-node

C.      M-node

D.      H-node


Correct Answer: D




You have a Windows Server 2008 computer that always receives the same IP address. In addition, the server must receive its DNS and IWNS settings from the DHCP server. What should you do?


A.      Assign a static IP address to the server.

B.      Create a DHCP reservation in the DHCP scope.

C.      Use the Server Scope option that assigns the IP address to the same server.

D.      Use the Registry editor to specify the static IP address.


Correct Answer: B




What is the default lease time for the DHCP server?


A.      3 hours

B.      3 days

C.      8 hours

D.      8 days


Correct Answer: D




You have a Windows Server 2008 computer at the corporate office and a Windows Server 2008 computer at a remote site. You want to configure the routing on the server at the branch office. What should you do?


A.      Install the Routing and Remote Access role and enable the IPv4 LAN routing.

B.      Run the netsh interface ipv4 enable command.

C.      Enable NAT by executing the netsh NAT enable command.

D.      Install the NPS role on the server.


Correct Answer: A




You have a Windows Server 2008 computer with IPv4 and IPv6 and NAT at the corporate office and each of your site offices. What do you need to allow IPv6 computers from the corporate office and the various sites to use Teredo to communicate with each other?


A.      Configure dynamic NAT on the firewall.

B.      Configure the firewall to allow the use of Teredo.

C.      Enable a static route between the two networks.

D.      Load the Teredo emulator.


Correct Answer: B




You decided to implement tighter remote access security by using smart cards on all remote access client computers. You have installed the smart cards and need to configure the remote access server to support the new authentication mechanism. Which of the following protocols should be enabled?


A.      PAP

B.      EAP

C.      MS-CHAP

D.      SPAP


Correct Answer: B




You have a group of users who should not be able to access the VPN server remotely from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. What should you do?


A.      Modify the logon hours for the default domain policy.

B.      Use Active Directory User and Computers to specify the day and time restrictions.

C.      Use the Registry Editor to configure the day and time restrictions.

D.      Create a network policy for VPN connections and modify the day and time restrictions.


Correct Answer: D




Which of the following are default hidden shares under Windows Server 2008? (Choose three.)


A.      SYSVOL

B.      ADMIN$

C.      D$

D.      PRINTER$

E.       IPC$

F.       C$


Correct Answer: BEF




You have a Windows Server 2008 computer configured as a domain controller. How would you back up Active Directory?


A.      Back up the System State data.

B.      Back up C:windowsntds.

C.      Back up C:windowssysvol.

D.      Back up C:.


Correct Answer: A