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Your computer is unable to support some display features of Microsoft Windows Aero.

You need to check the graphics component rating of the computer. Which Control Panel option should you use?

A. Programs > Programs and Features

B. Appearance and Personalization > Ease of Access Center

C. System and Maintenance > Problem Reports and Solutions

D. System and Maintenance > Performance Information and Tools

Answer: D


Your computer hardware supports Microsoft Windows Aero Experience.

The transparency feature does not appear to be enabled. You need to use the transparency feature.

What are the two possible ways to achieve this goal? (Each correct answer presents a complete solution. Choose two.)

A. Configure theme settings to Windows Vista.

B. Increase the screen resolution to 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.

C. Change the Color scheme option to Windows Aero.

D. Change the Visual effects option to Let Windows choose what’s best for my computer.

Answer: AC


You need to verify whether your computer can obtain all of the latest operating system updates.

What should you do?

A. Confirm that your computer has a Microsoft Windows Experience Index base score above 3.0.

B. Run Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

C. Configure Windows Defender to detect updates before scanning.

D. Validate your Windows installation from the Microsoft Windows Genuine Advantage Web page.

Answer: D


You have a computer that runs Windows Vista Ultimate.

You open the Windows System Performance Rating tool and receive a Windows Experience Index base score of 1.0. The subscores are as follows:

·Processor: 4.7

·Memory (RAM): 3.6

·Graphics: 1.0

·Gaming Graphics: 1.0

·Primary Hard Disk: 3.0

You upgrade your video adapter card with a new card that meets the minimum requirements for Windows Aero.

You open the System Performance and Rating tool and notice the base score and subscores have not changed.

You need to enable Windows Aero. What should you do?

A. Install additional RAM.

B. Install the latest version of DirectX.

C. Update your Windows Experience Index score.

D. Install a USB flash drive and enable Windows ReadyBoost.

Answer: C


You have an application that is incompatible with Windows Aero.

You need to ensure that Windows Aero is automatically disabled when you run the application. What should you do?

A. Run the application as a standard user.

B. Configure the appearance settings to enable transparency.

C. From the application’s compatibility settings, disable desktop composition.

D. Assign your user account the read and execute permission on the application’s executable file.

Answer: C


You configure parental controls on your computer for your child’s user account.

Your child logs on with a different account and is able to access inappropriate Web sites. You need to ensure that your child cannot access inappropriate Web sites.

A. Enable Microsoft Windows Firewall.

B. Disable the default administrator account.

C. Use password protection for all user accounts.

D. Configure Web sites you approve of in the list of Trusted Sites of Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer.

Answer: C


You have a computer that runs Windows Vista Home Premium.

You need to ensure that a standard user can only run applications that you allow. What should you do?

A. Disable AutoPlay for software and games.

B. In Windows Defender, configure Allowed items.

C. Configure Parental Controls to block games without ratings.

D. Configure Parental Controls to allow only specific applications.

Answer: D


You have a computer that runs Windows Vista.

You configure Parental Controls for a user. You suspect that the user is able to visit Web sites that contain mature content.

You need to identify the Web sites that the user has recently visited. You log on to the computer as an administrator.

What should you do next?

A. From the Start menu, review the recent items.

B. From Parental Controls, review the activity viewer.

C. From Parental Controls, review the Web restrictions.

D. From Windows Internet Explorer, review the browsing history.

Answer: B


You set up Really Simple Syndication (RSS) subscription feeds on your computer.

You need to view the RSS subscription feed in XML format. What should you do?

A. Disable the Turn on feed reading view option.

B. Enable the Always use Clear Type for HTML option.

C. Configure the RSS feed to be sent to your e-mail client.

D. Enable the Automatically download attached files option.

Answer: A



You configure a subscription to a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed that often includes large videos.

You need to minimize delay while watching the videos. What should you do?

A. Configure the RSS feed to download attached files.

B. Configure the RSS feed to retain the most recent items.

C. Enable the Turn on feed reading view option of the RSS feed.

D. Enable the Automatically mark feed as read when reading a feed option of the RSS feed.

Answer: A


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