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You have a FAT32-formatted volume. You need to enable file-level security on the volume. The solution must maintain all files on the volume. What should you do?


A.       Run the sfc.exe command-line tool.

B.       Run the convert.exe command-line tool.

C.       From Disk Management, format the volume and select the NTFS file system.

D.       From Disk Management, upgrade the disk that contains the volume to a dynamic disk.


Correct Answer: B




You have a computer that runs Windows XP Professional. The computer has a limited amount of free disk space. You need to identify the amount of disk space that is used to store the following:


Ÿ   Temporary Internet Files

Ÿ   Files in the Recycle Bin

Ÿ   Downloaded program files


What should you do?


A.       From the command prompt, run chkdsk.exe.

B.       From the System Tools menu, run Disk Cleanup.

C.       From Internet Explorer, view the Internet Options.

D.       From System Properties, view the User Profiles settings.


Correct Answer: B




You have a portable computer and a desktop computer that both run Windows XP Professional. Both computers are members of a domain named Contoso. The desktop computer hosts a shared folder named Share1. You need to ensure that all files in the Share1 folder are automatically available on the portable computer when the computer is disconnected from the network. Which two actions should you perform? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)


A.       From the portable computer, enable offline files.

B.       From the portable computer, modify the properties of the Shared Documents folder.

C.       From the desktop computer, enable simple file sharing.

D.       From the desktop computer, modify the properties of Share1.


Correct Answer: AD


You have a portable computer that runs Windows XP Professional. When the computer is disconnected from the network, you receive a message in the notification area that says you are working offline. The message reappears every hour. You need to prevent the message from appearing while you are working offline. What should you modify?


A.       Disk Quota settings

B.       My Documents properties

C.       Offline Files properties

D.       Synchronization settings


Correct Answer: C




You want to be able to track which users are accessing the C:PAYROLL folder and whether the

access requests are successful. Which of the following audit policy options allows you to track

events related to file and print object access?


A.      File and Object Access

B.      Audit Object Access

C.      Audit File and Print Access

D.      Audit All File and Print Events


Correct Answer: B




You are the network administrator for your company. You are attempting to install Windows XP Professional on a computer in the lab, but the installation process keeps failing halfway through. During the process of troubleshooting the Windows XP Professional installation, you decide to verify all of the actions that were taken during the Setup phase. Where can you find a log file that will tell you this information?


A.      Windowsverify.log

B.      Logfilesverify.log

C.      Windowssetupact.log

D.      Logfilessetup.log


Correct Answer: C






You are attempting to install an application through the Microsoft Installer program. You realize that the application you want to install does not have Microsoft Installer files. What type of files can you use with this application to install it through Windows Installer packages?


A.      ZAW files

B.      ZIP files

C.      ZAP files

D.      MSI files


Correct Answer: C




You have Windows Me installed in your C:Windows folder. You install Windows XP Professional to the C:Windows.xp folder. What is the result of this configuration?


A.      You have upgraded to Windows XP Professional and will be able to dual-boot to Windows Me.

B.      You have upgraded to Windows XP Professional and won’t be able to access your Windows Me operating system.

C.      You have configured your computer to dual-boot and will be able to access the Windows Me settings, since both installation folders are on the same partition.

D.      You have configured your computer to dual-boot. When you boot to Windows XP Professional, you won’t be able to access the Windows Me settings because the operating system files are in different installation folders.


Correct Answer: D




You have configured your computer for multiple-display support. Everything works properly when you run Windows applications. However, you do not see your MS-DOS application properly displayed. What can you do?


A.      Try running the application in full-screen mode.

B.      Restart the computer and see if the secondary video adapter is initialized.

C.      Increase the screen area on both displays to 1024×768.

D.      Set the colors to 256 Colors.


Correct Answer: A





Meredith is a user with limited mobility. She wants to use an alternative pointing device instead of a regular mouse pointer. You install the device and load the appropriate driver. What additional step should you take?


A.      Configure SerialKey Devices through Accessibility Options.

B.      Configure Disable Serial Devices through Accessibility Options.

C.      Configure Alternative Serial Devices through Accessibility Options.

D.      Configure ParallelKey Devices through Accessibility Options.


Correct Answer: A


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