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Question No.141


If no record name is provided in the csv file while inserting a new record into Salesforce, then how is the record name field populated?


If no record name is provided in the csv file while inserting a new record into Salesforce, then the record id value is put into the recordname field of this new record.

Question No.142


What values can be given to a field on the page layout?

Answer: Required, Read-Only

Question No.143


If a field is marked as #39;Visible#39; in #39;Field-level security#39; and #39;Read-Only#39; on the page layout, then how would the field be available to the end user as Visible (i.e. editable) or Read- Only?

Answer: Read-Only

Question No.144

Which of the following statements about setup audit trail are true? (Select all that apply.)

  1. Tracks setup changes made by developers and administrators

  2. Displays 20 most recent changes

  3. Tracks only the date of change

  4. Tracks changes to data in custom object records

Answer: AB

Question No.145


Which of the standard fields of a custom object can be modified/specified during data load using Apex Data Loader?

Answer: Name, Owner

Question No.146


What Fields does History Tracking not track?

Answer: Values are not tracked for: Long text area Multi-select picklists

Question No.147

Which of these can edit a record during an approval process?

  1. Only Administrator

  2. Only Current approver

  3. Both of above

  4. None of the above

Answer: AB

Question No.148

Which of the following statements are true about field history tracking? (Select all that apply.)

  1. It allows developer s to choose only custom fields for tracking changes.

  2. It allows developers to choose up to 20 fields per object for tracking changes.

  3. It does not track old and new values for long text area fields and multi-select picklists.

  4. It replaces an old entry with a new entry in the History related list, any time a user modifies any of the standard.

Answer: BC

Question No.149

While adding a contact role to an Account which of these contacts a counter available?

  1. Contacts present in the related list of that Account

  2. All Contacts from the Contact object.

Answer: B

Question No.150


What are the limits for Visualforce pages?

Answer: Up to 1Mb of content, can display up to 15Mb of data

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