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Question No.51

If you could only give one release document to your IT department, which would it be?

  1. Feature detail pages

  2. Detailed release notes

  3. Admin preview doc

  4. Release overview pages

Correct Answer: B

Question No.52

In Sales force Territory* Management, a territory hierarchy is different from a role hierarchy in that it…

  1. grants login access to all users in a territory.

  2. supports assigning users to multiple territories.

  3. automatically assigns users to sales teams in the territory.

  4. gives users in a territory full edit access to all accounts in that territory.

Correct Answer: B


Territory hierarchy is about assigning users to opportunities.

Role hierarchy is about broadening visibility to records up the chain of command so managers can see records owned by their subordinates.

Question No.53

In the context of the Data Quality Dashboard, what does it mean to have 100% as the score?

  1. All users have successfully logged in

  2. All data has been reviewed by each user

  3. All users have created at least 1 record

  4. All key fields have been populated

Correct Answer: D

Question No.54


Is it possible to incorporate Web Services API calls into s-controls?

Correct Answer:

Yes – you would do so by referencing the A.IAX toolkit.

Question No.55

Is the Data loader fully supported by Sales force?

  1. Yes

  2. No

Correct Answer: A

Question No.56


List quot;clicksquot; and quot;codequot; options at the #39;Business Logic#39; level.

Correct Answer:

Clicks: Workflow, Validation Rules, Assignment Rules. Code: S-Controls, Web Controls, Apex. Web Services API

Question No.57


List quot;clicksquot; and quot;code options at the #39;Data Model level#39;.

Correct Answer:

Clicks: Objects, Fields, Relationships. Code: Web Services API

Question No.58


List 6 pieces of functionality that Sales force recommends deploying when implementing localization.

Correct Answer:

  1. Advanced Currency Management

  2. Regional Price Books

  3. Delegated Administration

  4. Custom Profiles

  5. Translation Workbench

  6. Regional Home Page Layouts

Question No.59


List some of the most commonly used API calls.

Correct Answer:

  1. Query (Export)

  2. Retrieve

  3. Create (Insert)

  4. Update

  5. Upsert

  6. Delete

  7. Undelete

Question No.60


List some ways that admins can increase user adoption:

Correct Answer:

  1. Measure user adoption (including dashboards)

  2. Motivate users by showing them the value

  3. Use Sales force during meetings

  4. Use Sales force as a Sales Portal

  5. Train the end users

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