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Question No.131

You need to create a document that will define the costs, resources, and characteristics of each deliverable the program will create. What document should you create?

  1. Program work breakdown structure

  2. Program work breakdown structure dictionary

  3. Program charter

  4. Program scope statement

    Correct Answer: B

    Question No.132

    Mary Anne is the program manager for her organization. In her program there are six projects. One of the projects in her program has been performing well. It is on schedule and has no cost or schedule variances. Mary Anne has decided, however, that her program needs to be terminated. Which one of the following is a likely reason why the project should be terminated?

    1. The program scope has changed.

    2. The scope is not being met as planned due to scope creep.

    3. The project resources are not completing their project tasks as assigned.

    4. The project scope has changed from the original intent of the project

Correct Answer: A

Question No.133

An organization is considering a new program. The business analyst believes that the benefits to the organization would equate to $1,550,000 in five years. If the rate of return for this program is six percent what is the maximum amount the organization should invest in this program?




It depends on the internal decision making process.





Correct Answer: A

Question No.134

You are trying to determine if you should buy or build a solution for your program. If you build the solution it#39;ll cost you $45,000 to create and $7,000 per month to support. A vendor reports that they can create the solution for you for $1,000 but you#39;ll have to pay them $9,000 per month to support the solution. Should you buy or build this solution?

  1. Build the solution if you#39;ll use it longer than 22 months.

  2. Buy the solution if you#39;ll use it longer than 24 months.

  3. Buy the solution if you#39;ll use it longer than 22 months.

  4. Build the solution if you#39;ll use it longer than 25 months.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.135

You are the program manager of the GHY Program. Your program team has identified a risk dealing with the materials you will be using in the program. It is possible that if the materials are not installed properly they will cause serious damage in future phases of the program. Your team has recommended additional training and a consultant to help the team members install the material accurately to reduce the likelihood of the risk event. You agree and the team executes the risk response. What type of risk response have you implemented in this situation?

  1. Enhancing

  2. Workaround

  3. Mitigation

  4. Avoidance

Correct Answer: C

Question No.136

You are the program manager for the HNY Corporation and you complete programs for other companies in your role. You have just been assigned a new program that is very similar to a recently completed program you did for your company. Management has asked you to create a cost estimate for the program so you base your current cost estimate on the recently finished program. What type of estimating technique have you used in this instance?

  1. Bottom-up

  2. Parametric

  3. Analogous

  4. Rough order of magnitude

Correct Answer: C

Question No.137

You are the program manager for your organization and are planning the program. One of the plans you need to create will define how you#39;ll transfer the benefits of the program to the operations of your organization. Which program management plan defines this process?

  1. Program transition plan

  2. Program closure plan

  3. Operational transfer plan

  4. Benefits transfer plan

Correct Answer: A

Question No.138

You are the program manager for a large program in your matrix organization. You need to define when the resources in your program will be brought into the program and then released from the program so that the project managers, operational managers, and your program team can plan accordingly. What program management plan defines when resources are needed, how the resources will be obtained, and how the resources may be released from the program?

  1. Procurement management plan

  2. Resource management plan

  3. Team management plan

  4. Schedule management plan

Correct Answer: B

Question No.139

In your organization there are rules and procedures that the program manager must follow and abide by before the program can begin and must continue to follow once the program is in execution. What term is assigned to the enforcement of these program management rules and procedures?

  1. Program governance

  2. Organizational process assets

  3. Program standards

  4. Process analysis

Correct Answer: A

Question No.140

Your program has a budget at completion of $1,550,000 and is expected to last one year. Currently your program is 45 percent complete and has spent $725,000. According to the program schedule you are actually to be fifty percent complete at this, but due to some vendor delays your program is running just a bit late. Management is concerned that your program will not be able to recoup the costs of the expenses. They#39;ve asked you to determine the cost variance for the program. What is the cost variance based on this information?

A. -$27,500 B. -$77,500 C. -$61,111 D. .90

Correct Answer: A

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