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Question No.41

Which two activities can you perform by using Global Order Promising#39;s stand-alone work area? (Choose two.)

  1. You can split quantities against a Sales Order Line to perform what-if simulations and evaluate better ways of promising an order.

  2. You can re-schedule order lines that are already scheduled.

  3. You can initiate back-to-back orders to expedite fulfillment of lines with a delayed schedule ship date.

  4. You can simulate the Capable-to-Promise option in place of the Available-to-Promise option for quicker fulfillment.

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.42

Identify the transformation type in which a transactional item attribute is used for transforming a product. The transformation may be added to the existing product or replace the product on the sales order for a CTO item.

  1. Attribute to Product

  2. Product to Product

  3. Context to Product

  4. Attribute to Attribute

Correct Answer: A


An attribute-to-product transformation uses transactional attributes to transform an attribute to an item number. It can add the transformation to an existing item or replace the item that the source order references. Assume your company receives orders for an MP3 player that includes a Color attribute and a Size attribute, and that you must use a combination of these attributes to reference an item number. In the following example, a transformation rule transforms the Color and Size attributes of the Mini Plus item to the VIS481 item. Order Management displays VIS481 on the order line.

Question No.43

You want to perform Internal Material Transfer across Business Units and want to capture internal margin as part of revenue for the selling Business Unit. Which mandatory task would you perform for this requirement?

  1. Configure Oracle Fusion Global Order Promising

  2. Manage Consumption Rules

  3. Manage Supply Execution Documentation Creation Rules

  4. Manage Supply Chain Financial Orchestration Transfer Pricing Rules

  5. Manage Supply Order Defaulting and Enrichment Rules

Correct Answer: A

Question No.44

Your company wants a category of goods to be globally sourced for certain regions in Europe. After setting up the sourcing rules, you attempt to assign them by using the Category and Region option, but the category is not on the list of values. What is the problem?

  1. The Default Sourcing Assignment Set prole option is not set.

  2. The category set that is associated with the Sourcing Rule Category Set prole option is controlled at the organization level.

  3. The Default Sourcing Assignment Set prole option is set to a category set for the Item category set structure.

  4. A category set has not been selected under the Sourcing Rule Category Set prole option.

Correct Answer: A

Question No.45

Identify two valid use cases where a process assignment rule is defined to assign an orchestration process. (Choose two.)

  1. when you require multiple orchestration processes for one fulfillment line

  2. when you require one orchestration process for one fulfillment line

  3. when you require one orchestration process for sales order lines

  4. when you require one orchestration process for multiple fulfillment lines

Correct Answer: AD

Question No.46

Your company is implementing Order Management Cloud to manage the sales orders but fulfillment happens through third party logistics (3PL). What process should be executed to communicate to the 3PL system that the sales orders are ready to pick release and ship?

  1. Manage Shipments Interface

  2. Create Shipments

  3. Confirm Shipments

  4. Generate Shipments Request

  5. Send Shipments Advice

Correct Answer: D

Question No.47

A company manufactures and ships industrial water filters from its only factory unit in India. Which four types of lead time can the company use to create promising rules in lead-time promising mode? (Choose four.)

  1. total lead time

  2. processing lead time

  3. supplier lead time

  4. transit lead time

  5. cumulative total lead time

  6. cumulative manufacturing lead time

  7. user-defined lead time

Correct Answer: AEFG

Question No.48

You are revising a sales order by manually scheduling the following fulfillment line and splitting it. Which three order attributes can be updated for the split line? (Choose three.)


  1. Fulfillment Line shipment method

  2. Fulfillment Line warehouse

  3. Fulfillment Line scheduled ship date

  4. Fulfillment Line unit selling price

  5. Fulfillment Line quantity

Correct Answer: ACE

Question No.49

Your company wants to notify the external system when there is a high possibility that an order is going to be delayed. Which four steps are required to invoke the external system connector to notify that an order is going to be delayed? (Choose four.)

  1. Set up the Jeopardy threshold for the orchestration process task.

  2. Set up the lead time for the orchestration steps in the orchestration process definition.

  3. Register the web service connector.

  4. Create a routing rule for the orchestration process task.

  5. Enable a business event trigger point for Jeopardy and associate the connector.

  6. Set up the Use Defined Lead time in the Available To Promise Rule.

Correct Answer: ABDE

Question No.50

Your company wants to define different status conditions for fulfillment lines that have different categories assigned to a single orchestration process in Order Management Cloud. Which two configurations would you perform to meet this requirement? (Choose two.)

  1. Define a fulfillment line status rule set for each category.

  2. Create a unique step for each category and assign different quot;next expected task statuses.quot;

  3. Define orchestration process status values for each category.

  4. Assign the status catalog to the orchestration process.

Correct Answer: CD


An orchestration process is a predefined business process that coordinates the orchestration of physical goods and activities within a single order and automates order orchestration across fulfillment systems.

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