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Question No.61

An administrator upgraded the rpm.rte fileset. During the installation, the bos.rte install fileset was automatically upgraded aswell Given the following information, which action will allow the administrator to back out the changes?


  1. REJECT both fileset upgrades.

  2. COMMIT the bos.rte.install upgrade and REJECT both fileset upgrades.

  3. REJECT the bos.rte.install fileset andoverwrite install the rpm.rte with the previous version

  4. REJECT the bos.rte.install fileset and CLEANUP the rpm.rte upgrade.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.62

With regard to an existing AIX 5.2 installation, what source format is required by the mkwparcommand to create a Versioned WPAR of this existing system?

  1. SPOT


  3. RAW

  4. OVA

Correct Answer: B

Question No.63

A customer has purchased two dual-port Fibre Channel and two dual-port Ethernet cards. Which configuration will provide the greatest amount of redundancy for two client partitions?

  1. Assign each client one fibre and Ethernet card. Make sure they are cabled to a different network and fibre switches.

  2. Assign each client one port on each of the fibre and Ethernet cards. Cable each to a different network or fibre switch.

  3. Assign all resources to a VIO server. Create an Etherchannel on thenetwork adapters that connect to different FCoE switches.

  4. Create a dual VIO server environment, each with one Ethernet and fibre card. Make sure each

card is attached to a different network and fibre switch.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.64

Which command is used to change the reserve policy of a disk?

  1. chdev

  2. chpv

  3. chvg

  4. chattr

Correct Answer: A

Question No.65

The AIX hosts node1 and node2 have Ethernet adapters, both named ent0, configured on the same network. Both are dedicated physical 1GB adapter ports in a Host Ethernet Adapter. Based on this information and the output shown for each node, what is the most likely cause of intermittent failures and slow communication between these adapters?


  1. The jumbo_frarnes setting is #39;no#39; and should be set to #39;yes#39;.

  2. The Multi-Core Scaling mode is enabled. Multi-Core Scaling is interfering with communications because the processor is too busy.

  3. The Shared Ethernet Adapter does not have enough bandwidth to accommodate the network traffic.

  4. The media speed is set differently on the adapters than the endpoints on the switch.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.66

An administrator has been asked to consolidate disks on an LPAR. Given the following information, which group of actions will remove unneeded disk?


  1. Migrate physical partitions from hdisk2 to hdisk3 Remove hdisk2 from datavg

    Use rmdevto permanently remove hdisk3

  2. Remove hdi sk3 from datavg

    Use rmdevto permanently remove hdisk3

  3. Export datavg

    Use rmdevto permanently remove hdisk3 re-import db2vg03

  4. Vary off datavg

Use rmdevto permanently remove hdisk3 varyonvg dbvg02

Correct Answer: B

Question No.67

Given the following Isdev output, which command will identify the underlying devices and network type of ent4 below?

root@server1:/#Isdev-I ent4 ent4 Available EtherChannel / IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation

  1. Isdev-dev ent4 -attr

  2. Iscfg-vl ent4

  3. cfgmgr-1|grepent4

  4. Isattr-EI ent4

Correct Answer: D

Question No.68

The/app1 filesystem in appvg did not mount due to a failure replaying jfslog1. Which command will reinitialize jfslog1?

  1. resysnclvodm -vjfslog1

  2. logform/dev/jfsiog1

  3. synclvodm appvg jfslog1

  4. format-d/dev/jfslog1

Correct Answer: B

Question No.69

How can the emgr -I command be used?

  1. To list the currently configured Enterprise Management capabilities

  2. To help determine why a fileset is listed as EFIXLOCKED in Islpp output

  3. To determine if the Active Energy Manager is currently installed

  4. To determine if the Active Energy Manager is currently active

Correct Answer: B

Question No.70

On a system that currently boots from hdisk0, what command will extend the boot order to include hdisk1?

  1. bootlist-ahdisk0 hdisk1

  2. bosboot-M normhdisk0 hdisk1

  3. bootlist-m normal hdisk0 hdisk1

  4. bosboot-e hdisk0 hdisk1

Correct Answer: C

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