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Question No.181

An administrator noticed that the hostname is being resolved incorrectly after setting up TCP/IP on multiple interfaces. Further inspection shows the /etc/hosts file has duplicate entries for the hostname associated with different IP addresses. Which of the following is most likely the cause of this situation?

  1. IPv6 is in use and requires a hostname for every interface.

  2. The administrator ran smitty mktcpip on multiple interfaces.

  3. The DNS configuration has multiple separate DNS servers listed.

  4. An EtherChannel was setup using 2 network interfaces as primary adapters.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.182

In which two ways can the pre-login message for an AIX LPAR be changed? (Choose two.)

  1. Issue thechsyscommand

  2. Edit the /etc/security/login.cfg file

  3. Change the /etc/motd file

  4. Use thechseccommand

  5. Modify the /etc/security/environ file

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.183

An administrator is tasked with enhancing the data availability and I/O load balancing for an AIX

7.1 system attached to IBM storage. Which action will satisfy the requirement?

  1. Set the correct host type on the storage array and match the failover settings on the AIX instance.

  2. Adjust the health check interval attribute for each hdisk presented from the storage array.

  3. Install the appropriate path control module to work in conjunctionwith the native MPIO driver.

  4. Remove the native MPIO driver and replace with the appropriate path control module.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.184

Which standard filesystem is temporarily used by the mksysb backup process?

  1. /mnt

  2. /tmp

  3. /usr/tmp

  4. /var/ras/tmp

Correct Answer: D

Question No.185

In addition to enabling remote command execution, which task highlighted in the graphic below must be visited to enable an administrator with hmcoperator permissions to run HMC commands from another server using ssh?


  1. quot;Change Network Settingsquot; to open pott 22

  2. quot;Remote Operationquot; to indicate that this HMC can beoperated from a remote host

  3. quot;Remote Virtual Terminalquot; to enable virtual terminal connections for remotely connected HMC

  4. quot;Manage Task and Resource Rolesquot; to give the hmcoperator task role permission to ssh to the HMC from a remote host

Correct Answer: A

Question No.186

What is the purpose of the certify operation against a local disk drive?

  1. Formats the drive

  2. Erases the drive

  3. Verifies sector integrity

  4. Establishes device quorum

Correct Answer: B

Question No.187

What is the best practice when adding a new paging space?

  1. Make the new paging space larger than the current paging space size

  2. Add the new paging space to a different disk drive from where the primary paging space resides

  3. Add the new paging space to the same disk drive where the primary paging space resides

  4. Make the new paging space smaller than the current paging space size

Correct Answer: C

Question No.188

An administrator is removing a failed disk from a mirrored rootvg volume group. A message directed the administrator to run the chpv -c command.

The administrator ran this command against the last available disk in rootvg. What is the result of performing this action?

  1. The failed drive is removed from the bootlist.

  2. The boot recordwas removed from the system.

  3. The ipldevice was re-linked to the available disk device name.

  4. The boot record was updated with the available disk information.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.189

The nmon output below illustrates typical load when the hosted application is running at peak times. What can be observed from the output?


  1. Entitled CPU allocation is set too high.

  2. Virtual processor allocation is set too low.

  3. Enabling SMT4 would improve performance.

  4. Processor folding is restricting available resources

Correct Answer: A

Question No.190

When updating a device attribute utilizing the -P flag with the chdev command, which of the following is true?

  1. The device attribute will be updated for the parent of the device specified.

  2. The device attribute is updated forcibly and will result in the device changing to the defined state.

  3. The device attribute is updated immediately and will not be maintained after the next system boot.

  4. The device attribute is updated only in the ODM and does nottake affect until after the next system boot.

Correct Answer: D

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