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Question No.281

Which two statements about the C-bit and PW type are true? (Choose two.)

  1. The C-bit is 1 byte and the PW type is 15 bytes.

  2. The PW type indicates the type of pseudowire.

  3. The C-bit is 3 bits and the PW type is 10 bits.

  4. The C-bit set to 1 indicates a control word is present.

  5. The PW type indicates the encryption type.

Correct Answer: BD


The control word carries generic and Layer 2 payload-specific information. If the C-bit is set to 1, the advertising PE expects the control word to be present in every pseudowire packet on the pseudowire that is being signaled. If the C-bit is set to 0, no control word is expected to be present.

Pseudowire TypePW Type is a 15-bit field that represents the type of pseudowire. Reference: http://www.ciscopress.com/articles/article.asp?p=386788amp;seqNum=2

Question No.282



Correct Answer:


Question No.283

Refer to the exhibit. What is wrong with the configuration of this tunnel interface?


  1. ISATAP tunnels cannot use the EUI-64 address format.

  2. No tunnel destination has been specified.

  3. The tunnel source of an ISATAP tunnel must always point to a loopback interface.

  4. Router advertisements are disabled on this tunnel interface.

Correct Answer: D


Sending of IPv6 router advertisements is disabled by default on tunnel interfaces. This command reenables the sending of IPv6 router advertisements to allow client autoconfiguration:


Router(config-if)# no ipv6 nd ra suppress

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/ios-xml/ios/interface/configuration/xe-3s/ir-xe- 3s-book/ip6-isatap-xe.html

Question No.284

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the R1 configuration is true?


  1. It supports the service timestamps log uptime command to display time stamps.

  2. The logging buffer command was used to increase the default of the buffer.

  3. The logging of warning messages is disabled.

  4. Log message sequence numbering is disabled.

Correct Answer: D


To disable sequence numbers, use the no service sequence-numbers global configuration command.

This example shows part of a logging display with sequence numbers enabled. 000019: %SYS-5-CONFIG_I: Configured from console by vty2 (

In this example we see the absence of sequence numbers on the log messages. Not A. In this example there are no time stamps or uptimes shown in the logs.

Not B. The default buffer size is 4096 bytes.

Not C. The logging level in this example is informational (level 6), which will display levels 0-6 in the logs. Warnings are level 4

Question No.285

Which two hashing algorithms can be used when configuring SNMPv3? (Choose two.)

  1. MD5

  2. SHA-1

  3. Blowfish

  4. DES

  5. AES

  6. SSL

Correct Answer: AB


Note that SNMPv3 does not send passwords in clear-text and uses hash-based authentication with either MD5 or SHA1 functions (HMAC authentication – the packet conted is hashed along with authentication key to produce the authentication string).

Reference: http://blog.ine.com/2008/07/19/snmpv3-tutorial/

Question No.286

Which statement about passive interfaces is true?

  1. The interface with the OSPF passive interface configuration appears as a not-so-stubby network.

  2. The interface with the EIGRP passive interface configuration ignores routes after the exchange of hello packets.

  3. The interface with the IS-IS passive interface configuration sends the IP address of that interface in the link-state protocol data units.

  4. Passive interface can be configured on the interface for IS-IS.

Correct Answer: C


With IS-IS, passive interfaces are used to prevent unnecessary LSA packets out that interface, but the IP address of passive interfaces are still included in updates going out the other interfaces. This behavior is what enables the best practice of configuring loopback interfaces as passive, but still having the loopback be reachable.

Question No.287

Which protocol is the encapsulating protocol for mtrace packets?

  1. ICMP

  2. IGMP

  3. PIM

  4. GRE

Correct Answer: B


quot;mtracequot; is a diagnostic tool to trace the multicast path from a specified source to a destination for a multicast group. It runs over IGMP protocol. Mtrace uses any information available to it to determine a previous hop to forward the trace towards the source.

Reference: http://www.brocade.com/downloads/documents/html_product_manuals/NI_05500c_MULTICAST/ wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm#context=NI_MCASTamp;file=IP_Multicast.3.04.html

Question No.288

Which statement describes the native VLAN concept in an ISL trunk?

  1. It is the VLAN ID that is assigned to untagged packets.

  2. It is the VLAN with highest priority.

  3. It is the default VLAN for a trunk.

  4. There is no native VLAN concept in an ISL trunk.

Correct Answer: D


ISL has no native VLAN concept because it places the entire ethernet frame in the payload of an ISL frame. Native VLANs is an 802.1Q specific concept.

Question No.289

Refer to the exhibit. Which route type is displayed when you enter the command show ip route supernets-only on a device with this configuration?


  1. Connected

  2. OSPF

  3. RIP

  4. EIGRP

  5. An empty route set

Correct Answer: E


This command shows supernets only; it does not show subnets. In this case, the routing table would contain the subnet, but not the supernet.

Question No.290

Which two features are supported when Cisco HDLC is implemented? (Choose two.)

  1. error recovery

  2. error detection

  3. asynchronous links

  4. multiple protocols

Correct Answer: BD


HDLC#39;s frame check sequence (FCS) is a 16-bit CRC-CCITT or a 32-bit CRC-32 computed over the Address, Control, and Information fields. It provides a means by which the receiver can detect errors that may have been induced during the transmission of the frame, such as lost bits, flipped bits, and extraneous bits.

Cisco#39;s HDLC contains a proprietary field that is used to support multiple protocols. Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/High-Level_Data_Link_Control

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