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Question No.1

Which two steps are associated with the active portion of the audit when a post-installation audit is performed with an auditing tool such as Ekahau? (Choose two.)

  1. Check for co-channel interference by standing near an access point on one channel and watching for other access points that are on the same channel.

  2. Verify smooth roaming.

  3. Check to see if the signal level on other access points that are heard on the same channel is at least 19 dBm weaker than the access point that you are next to.

  4. Check that all channels are supported by the APs, regardless of client capabilities.

  5. Verify that the network traffic of physical data rate and packet loss meets user requirements.

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.2

An engineer is determining the signal levels for the wireless cells. Which signal-to-noise ratio is an optimal configuration to achieve?

  1. minimum SNR of -33 dBm

  2. minimum SNR of -25 dBm

  3. minimum SNR of 25 dB

  4. minimum SNR of 33 dB

Correct Answer: C


The minimum recommended wireless signal strength for voice applications is -67 dBm and the minimum SNR is 25 dB.


http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/wireless/5500-series-wireless-controllers/116057- sitesurvey-guidelines-wlan-00.html

Question No.3

Which three parameters are used by Cisco Prime Infrastructure to generate heat maps? (Choose three.)

  1. the RSSI prediction model

  2. the AP SNR

  3. the bandwidth utilization

  4. the AP transmit power

  5. the antenna orientation

  6. the number of associated clients

Correct Answer: ADE


An RF heatmap is a graphical representation of RF wireless data where the values taken by variables are represented in maps as colors. The current heatmap is computed based on the RSSI prediction model,

Antenna Orientation, and AP transmit power.

https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/net_mgmt/prime/infrastructure/30/user/guide/pi_ug/wireles s-maps.html

Question No.4

A customer recently placed 10 WLCs in a mobility group and now sees a large amount of

additional traffic to and from the controller. What setting should be changed to reduce the traffic?

  1. Mobility Multicast Messaging

  2. Mobility Unicast Messaging

  3. Mobility Anchor Keep Alive Count

  4. Mobility Anchor Keep Alive Interval

Correct Answer: A

Question No.5


Drag and drop the IPv6 feature on the left to the matching feature function on the right. Not all options are used.


Correct Answer:


Question No.6

What is a common cause for signal attenuation?

  1. Cinder block wall

  2. Office window

  3. Metal door

  4. Glass wall

Correct Answer: C

Question No.7

A wireless engineer is hired to design a network for six buildings with a WLC in each building to support the access points. Which type of wireless architecture is being used?

  1. distributed deployment

  2. autonomous deployment

  3. unified deployment

  4. centralized deployment

Correct Answer: B

Question No.8

A downstream packet that contains a DSCP value arrives at the WLC Ethernet interface from the wired source network. The WLC is configured for QoS WLAN 802.1p mapping. How does the WLC treat the CAPWAP QoS marking when leaving the controller interface for the respective AP and final wireless client destination?

  1. No outer CAPWAP or inner QoS tagging is applied.

  2. The outer CAPWAP CoS is marked and capped and the inner DSCP maintains the original marking.

  3. No outer CAPWAP QoS tag is applied, but the original DSCP is maintained inside CAPWAP.

  4. The outer CAPWAP DHCP is marked and capped without any inner DSCP value.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.9

An engineer plugs in a Cisco Aironet 2700 Series Access Point and it is running in low power. Which three power requirements should be verified? (Choose three.)

  1. 802.3ac compliant

  2. 802.3at compliant

  3. AP requires 43 VDC to function in full power.

  4. AIR-PWRINJ3 power injector should be used.

  5. AP requires 57 VDC to function in full power.

  6. AIR-PWRINJ4 power injector should be used.

    Correct Answer: BEF


    The access point should be powered by any 802.3at compliant device. The recommended external power supply for the access point is the Cisco AIR-PWR-B power supply. The access point can also be powered by the following optional external power sources:


    Access point power injector (AIR-PWRINJ4)


    Any 802.3af compliant power injector is supported, but in this case the access point will dynamically shift from 3×4 to 3×3.

    Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/wireless/access_point/2700/quick/guide/ap2700getstart.htm l

    Question No.10

    Which two best practices should be considered when a customer wants to purchase and implement Voice over Wireless for Cisco 7925 IP Phones? (Choose two.)

    1. Enable lower data rates for 2.4-GHz data WLAN and higher data rates for phones.

    2. Use a separate Cisco Wireless Lan Controller.

    3. Enable 802.1x and Cisco Centralized Key Management for phone authentication.

    4. Use dedicated Access Points only for Voice over Wireless.

    5. Set data for 2.4 GHz and voice for 5 GHz using separate SSIDs.

Correct Answer: CE

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