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Question No.91

What is the default DSCP/PHB for video conferencing packets in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

  1. EF/46

  2. CS6/48 C. AF41/34

D. CS3/24

Correct Answer: C

Question No.92

Which two options are configuration steps on Cisco Unified Communications Manager that are used when integrating with VCS Expressway servers? (Choose two.)

  1. allowing numeric dialing from Cisco phones to Expressway

  2. configuring a device pool with video feature enabled

  3. allowing dialing to Expressway domain from Cisco phones

  4. creating an application user on Cisco Unified Communications Manager with assigned privileges

  5. adding the Expressway servers to the Application Servers list

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.93

Which sign is prefixed to the number in global call routing?

A. –


  1. #

  2. @

  3. amp;

  4. *

Correct Answer: B

Question No.94

Which three devices support the SAF Call Control Discovery protocol? (Choose three.)

  1. Cisco Unified Border Element

  2. Cisco Unity Connection

  3. Cisco IOS Gatekeeper

  4. Cisco Catalyst Switch

  5. Cisco IOS Gateway

  6. Cisco Unified Communications Manager

Correct Answer: AEF

Question No.95

The network administrator has been investigating bandwidth issues between the central office and remote sites where location-based CAC is implemented. What does the Cisco Unified Communications Manager quot;LocationOutOfResourcesquot; counter indicate?

  1. This counter represents the total number of times that a call on a particular Cisco Unified Communications Manager through the location failed due to lack of bandwidth.

  2. This counter represents the total number of times that a call through locations failed due to the lack of bandwidth.

  3. This counter represents the total number of failed video-stream requests (most likely due to lack of bandwidth) in the location where the person who initiated the video conference resides.

  4. This counter represents the total number of times since the last restart of the Cisco IP Voice Streaming Application that a Cisco Unified Communications Manager connection was lost.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.96

Which component is needed to set up SAF CCD?

  1. SAF-enabled H.323 intercluster (gatekeeper controlled) trunk

  2. SAF forwarders on Cisco routers

  3. Cisco Unified Communications cluster

  4. SAF-enabled H.225 trunk

Correct Answer: B

Question No.97

Company X currently uses a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which has been configured for IP desk phones and Jabber soft phones. Users report however that whenever they are out of the office, a VPN must be set up before their Jabber client can be used. The administrator for Company X has deployed a Collaboration Expressway server at the edge of the network in an attempt to remove the need for VPN when doing voice. However, devices outside cannot register. Which two additional steps are needed to complete this deployment? (Choose two.)

  1. A SIP trunk has to be set up between the Expressway-C and Cisco UCM.

  2. An additional interface must be enabled on the Cisco UCM and placed in the same subnet at the Expressway.

  3. The customer firewall must be configured with any rule for the IP address of the external Jabber client.

  4. The Expressway server needs a neighbor zone created that points to Cisco UCM.

  5. Jabber cannot connect to Cisco UCM unless it is on the same network or a VPN is set up from outside.

Correct Answer: AD

Question No.98

What is an advantage of TEHO?

  1. TEHO implemented with ISRs eliminates PSTN toll charges.

  2. TEHO implemented with ISRs can reduce PSTN toll charges.

  3. TEHO implemented with AAR reduces toll charges.

  4. TEHO implemented with CFUR reroutes calls.

Correct Answer: B

Question No.99

Which option is a benefit of implementing CFUR?

  1. CFUR is designed to initiate TEHO to reduce toll charges.

  2. CFUR can prevent phones from unregistering.

  3. CFUR can reroute calls placed to a temporarily unregistered destination phone.

  4. CFUR eliminates the need for COR on an ISR.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.100

Which three statements about configuring an encrypted trunk between Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server and Cisco Unified Communications Manager are true? (Choose three.)

  1. The root CA of the VCS server certificate must be loaded in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

  2. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with Incoming Transport Type set to TCP UDP.

  3. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager trunk configuration must have the destination port set to 5061.

  4. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with Device Security Mode set to TLS.

  5. A SIP trunk security profile must be configured with the X.509 Subject Name from the VCS certificate.

  6. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone configured in VCS must have SIP authentication trust mode set to On.

  7. The Cisco Unified Communications Manager zone configured in VCS must have TLS verify mode set to Off.

Correct Answer: ACE

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