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EnsurepassQUESTION 71 You work in the Business Intelligence (BI) department of a multinational company.   The company has requested a new corporate BI solution that meets the following requirements:   The solution must use SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). The model must incrementally add 10 million fact rows per month. The model must be translated to English, French, or Spanish based on users' locale. The model must be able to contain the most recent 36 months of data.   You need Read more [...]

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EnsurepassQUESTION 61 DRAG DROP You plan to deploy a database by using SQL Server 2014.   Your company identifies the following requirements for the database:   The name of all stored procedures must start with "usp_"always. All distribution statistics must be updated daily.   You need to identify which feature must be used to meet each database requirement.   Which features should you identify?   To answer, drag the appropriate feature to the correct database requirement Read more [...]

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EnsurepassQUESTION 51 You have a SQL Azure database named Database1. You need to design the schema for a table named table1. Table1 will have less than one million rows. Table1 will contain the following information for each row:     The solution must minimize the amount of space used to store each row.   Which data types should you recommend for each column?   To answer, drag the appropriate data type to the correct column in the answer area.     Correct Answer: Read more [...]

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EnsurepassTopic 3, Fabrikam, Inc   Background   Corporate Information Fabrikam, Inc. is a retailer that sells electronics products on the Internet. The company has a headquarters site and one satellite sales office.   You have been hired as the database administrator, and the company wants you to change the architecture of the Fabrikam ecommerce site to optimize performance and reduce downtime while keeping capital expenditures to a minimum. To help with the solution, Fabrikam has Read more [...]

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EnsurepassTopic 2, Contoso Ltd   Overview   Application Overview Contoso, Ltd., is the developer of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) application. Contoso is designing a new version of the ERP application. The previous version of the ERP application used SQL Server 2008 R2. The new version will use SQL Server 2014. The ERP application relies on an import process to load supplier data. The import process updates thousands of rows simultaneously, requires exclusive access to the database, Read more [...]

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EnsurepassTopic 1, Litware, Inc   Overview You are a database administrator for a company named Litware, Inc. Litware is a book publishing house.   Litware has a main office and a branch office.   You are designing the database infrastructure to support a new web-based application that is being developed. The web application will be accessed at www.litwareinc.com. Both internal employees and external partners will use the application.   You have an existing desktop application Read more [...]