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Which of the following will cause the Online Compatibility Check to fail during a Window 7 installation? Choose two.


A.       512 MB of RAM

B.       A display adapter with WDDM Support

C.       A display adapter without WDDM Support but with SVIDEO

D.      An 80 GB Hard Disk


Correct Answer: AC




In which of the following scenarios must you perform a migration rather than an upgrade? (Choose three.)


A.       Windows XP Professional (x64) to Windows 7 Professional (x64)

B.       Windows Vista Business (x86) to Windows 7 Professional (x64)

C.       Windows Vista Enterprise (x64) to Windows 7 Enterprise (x64)

D.      Windows Vista Home Premium (x64) to Windows 7 Home Premium (x86)


Correct Answer: ABD




Which of the following utilities can you use to transfer user encryption certificates from a computer running Windows XP Professional to Windows 7 Professional? Choose two.


A.       File Settings and Transfer Wizard

B.       USMT

C.       Windows Easy Transfer

D.      Robocopy.exe


Correct Answer: BC




You are creating an unattend answer file for automatic Windows 7 installation. What can you use to do this? (Choose two.)


A.       The Windows SIM tool in Windows AIK

B.       Microsoft Notepad

C.       The Deployment Workbench MDT tool

D.      Sysprep.exe


Correct Answer: AB




You want to create a 20-GB native VHD called Systemvhd in a folder called Windows 7 on an external U hard disk with the drive designation G:. Which command do you use?


A.       create vdisk file=g:windows7systemvhd maximum=20000

B.       create vdisk file=g:windows7systemvhd.vhd maximum=20000

C.       create vdisk file=g:windows7systemvhd.vhd maximum=20

D.      create vdisk file=g:windows7systemvhd maximum=20


Correct Answer: B




You are configuring static IPv4 addresses for two computers, Perth and Brisbane, on an isolated private wired subnet. You configure Perth with the IPv4 address 172.16.10. 140 and the subnet mask You configure Brisbane with the IPv4 address 172.16.10. 210 and the subnet mask You enter ping on Brisbane, but the command times out. Similarly, entering ping on Perth fails to locate the Brisbane computer’s IPv4 address. What is the likely reason for this lack of connectivity?


A.       DNS service is not available on the subnet.

B.       The computers should have different subnet masks.

C.       You have not specified a default gateway.

D.      You need to permit ICMPv4 traffic through the firewalls of both computers.


Correct Answer: D




You want to prohibit read, write, and execute access to all types of external storage devices. What computer policy setting do you enable?


A.       All Removable Storage: Allow Direct Access In Remote Sessions

B.       All Removable Storage Classes: Deny All Access

C.       Removable Disks: Deny Read Access

D.      Removable Disks: Deny Write Access


Correct Answer: B




You have a standalone computer that runs Windows 7. You need to prevent non-administrative users from using Device Manager. Users must be able to access Event Viewer. What should you do?


A.       From Control Panel, modify the default settings for media and devices.

B.       From Control Panel, modify the default settings for device installation.

C.       From the local computer policy, modify the application control policies.

D.      From the local computer policy, modify the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) settings.


Correct Answer: D




A user named User1 uses a shared computer that runs Windows 7. User1 is a member of group named Group1. The computer contains a folder named Folder1. The permissions for User1 are shown in the User1 Permissions exhibit. The permissions for Group1 are shown in the Group1 Permissions exhibit. You need to ensure that User1 can create files in Folder1. All other members of Group1 must be prevented from creating files in Folder1. What should you do?


User Permissions:



Group Permissions:



A.       On Folder1, assign the Full control permission to User1.

B.       On Folder1, remove the Deny – Write permission for Group1.

C.       Share Folder1. Assign User1 the Read and Change share permission.

D.      Share Folder1. Assign Group1 the Read and Change share permission.


Correct Answer: B




Which of the following Windows 7 utilities was used to create the output in the above figure?


A.       MemManager.exe

B.       SysPrep.exe

C.       Cipher.exe

D.      Performance Monitor


Correct Answer: C


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